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Top 5 Places to Visit in Goa to Spice up Your Holiday Experience

Goa is a world-famous tourist destination. Other than sandy safe beaches, sunrise and sunset views, cathedral buildings and monuments, Goa is more to that. Tourists from all across the world flock the Goan beaches, especially during winter months for beach hopping and partying. Thus, it’s aptly famous for exquisite beach parties, New Year and Christmas Eve, trance parties, and so on.

Goa cannot be regarded as a one-time-visit place. Especially those who love the serenity of beaches and water adventures and also love to delve deep in its cultural values will find it tough to strip the Goa experience from their memories. Whosoever visits Goa, craves to explore it thoroughly. Well, it takes some serious efforts and a bit of smart planning to make the most of your Goan holiday experience. With all famous tourist spots, like Goa, there comes a list of must –do activities or must-visit places, otherwise you will mull over the spent holiday and might plan to go back there. The list for Goa …
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6 Passive Income Ideas for Struggling Digital Nomads

To set yourself as a competent digital nomad, you need to have either strong financial back up or good passive income coming from some of reliable sources. Well most of the digital nomads work for clients either directly or through service marketplaces; hence, it is quite apparent that neither their income nor work flow is consistent in the early days. At times, clients take unnecessary time to release pay cheque, and obtaining regular work from freelance portals among such cut-throat competition is a difficult job because initially you need to agree as per their terms and conditions. With time when you grow with your performance and make a credible name, gigs come automatically to you. However, there is a gap time between that successful point and the struggling spell.

Image Credit: To fill that gap, a digital nomad should have passive income coming from multiple things, so that he/she can concentrate more on the mainstream work without caring about petty expenses. Some of th…

How to Explore Yellowstone National Park in 2 Days

Yellowstone National Park is an extremely large and popular recreational park in the USA, stretched across three states Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The park is widely known for teeming wilderness and miraculous geothermal features, thus visitors try all the possible tricks to explore the every nook and corner of the park within their possible time limits. People visiting the park first time often brood about that how much time would they need to complete the trip, a week, three days, or just two days? They don’t know. Only experienced travellers who have visited it many a time can help them. Frequent visitors express that to relax and revel in the park at your own pace you literally need to have 6-7 days.

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Well, people with limited time frame can also enjoy the natural warmth and beauty of the park without missing much if the things have been planned smartly. First of all, gather that the park is in the shape of a Grand Loop, further segmented into up…

5 Common Traits of Travellers

Travelling is an ageless aspiration found among humans. How do we get to know about discoveries and tales, is through travelling. People who take travelling to far off lands or oceans, when they come back, they are full of new experiences and stories. Thus, travelling will never go out of fashion. But do you know travelers share a common chain of traits? Yes, that is quite natural. Let’s see some of the characteristics that are commonly found among these people who are mentally unstable as travelling plans keep haunting them.
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They are unstable in their lives:
There’s a universal law about humans: people get bored of things and places – so there always is that inquisitiveness that forces to explore new things and places. Quite obviously, you cannot go for vacations to the same place year after year, all your life.
People with instability in their lives keep searching excuses to remain out of one place. An unstable mind is more prone to travelling,…

4 Facts that Distinguish Digital Nomads from Normal Travelers

We all love traveling; exploring things at our own pace; and being carefree for the time being we are there as a tourist. However, some people make that their way of life. They land up somewhere between tourists and freelancers. They, in modern world, are known as Digital Nomads. This term is new and relatively getting momentum worldwide because internet penetration has really made our lives easy, so we can travel and work as well. Evidently, digital nomads didn’t exist when there was no sprawling internet-oriented technology.

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People get confused with tourists and digital nomads, for them whosoever travels and is out of home is a traveler. Yes, they (digital nomads) are sort of travelers however some aspects make them stand tall from the core travelers/ tourists.
Purpose: Generally the real purpose behind, which also serves as the major factor, travelling is fun. For some, travelling solo is fun, for many flying to some far-off snow clad mountains with frien…

Nepal Experience: Digital Nomad

I am writing this post to share my experience of Nepal when I went there as a digital nomad. I was there for over one month and I must say this is the best place for Indian digital nomads because here everything is so affordable that you don’t feel the budgetary pinch at all.
                                                                         Image Credit:
In fact, whosoever is looking to stay for longer time in the hills, overlooking world’s highest mountain Mount Everest, must come here. Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And the special thing about Nepal is that people are very kind and always look to help others (I mean tourists and digital nomads) in more than one ways.
People are Helpful and Silent:
Nepal is a poor country and mainly survives on tourism or the aid that comes from other countries. Here, you will find people staring at you mildly with a benign smile on their lips. To acknowledge their gaze, you can hold your palms cl…

Hire Article Writing Experts to get Effective Content for a Site

Random, interesting thoughts pop up anytime; but the art of putting them down in well-written articles is the skill of few experts. Jotting down concepts and making an interesting read of the same, involves a lot of planning. Flair for writing comes to halt if planning is ignored. There are ways for writing articles or blogs – whether they are meant for web or offline or for academic purpose. Some writers keep writing thoughtlessly, mostly driven by instinct. While many hire article writing experts to get relevant and high quality content for a number of needs like SEO. Any form of writing brought forward without planning and research can potentially bore the readers to the tears. Therefore, a writer must decide what he wants to say and if there are several points then the order of importance should be logical. ‘How to write’ is a sequence than anything else, and it needs a good chase, if not wild.                                                                         Image Credit: …