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4 Ways to Earn While Travelling Endlessly

Rather it is a common fact that to enjoy life while travelling we need to have a sound source of income. What if you don’t have that income source or financial support? Relax you don’t need to be a professional digital nomad all the time. Even as a normal traveller you can earn money and continue your journey for years. There are multiple ways to enjoy your life as a traveller while earning, all you need to do is to muster up some courage and put a smart strategy in the place.
Start a Website:
Be a blogger! A blogger is someone who keeps writing on his/her blog and when the blog begins receiving good traffic the blogger makes money by running adverts, affiliate programs, or reviewing products. It is one of the best ways to earn money while travelling. To discover more about blogging browse others websites and study their cases. Choose a niche which suits your interests or hobbies. Initially you will not be able to make huge money with it but as the time passes and you put more content…
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5 Tips that will Testify Your Blogging Instinct

Unlike other professions, to become a blogger is comparatively easy, and many become blogger as soon as they discover the process. However the question is how you will testify whether you are going to stick with blogging or not? Well, here is a small list of virtues & deeds that can indicate your blogging future. It may differ from person to person.
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You are a Creative Person:
You are instinctively creative by nature since your schooldays or very early time. You always wished to do things as per your ideas or imagination. Those who imagine can actually perform better than others. They know how to tweak or draw inspiration from simple-looking aspect. Well in blogging case, you know what topics to write on and what theme will appeal most, etc. You generally speak to your heart thus feel empowered with creativity. 
You can Work without a Mentor:
You have a deep sense of realization that for blogging yo…

7 Ways to Grab Freelance Writing Opportunities from LinkedIn

Getting a good job or regular flow of work as a freelancer or digital nomad basically requires three aspects: Profile, Knowledge and Projection. Well, if you can portray yourself positively and strong on LinkedIn, then getting paid clients without falling in the depressing traps of service marketplaces is easy. Image Credit: Put your Honest Resume:
If you are serious about getting freelance writing projects, then taking LinkedIn as a light social platform is a big mistake. For freelancers in the search of genuine clients and good flow of work LinkedIn is the best bet. In fact, better than service marketplaces. Put your A to Z work experience there with details like roles and responsibilities, tenure, achievements, company name, etc. because in the professional world this platform has no match.
Add a Work Portfolio Link:
As an experienced writer you can always choose to make your work portfolio online, as there are plenty of websites where you can register the best…

5 Ways to Hold Yourself Firm after Losing your Regular Job

When people change jobs things fall in a cycle i.e. serving notice period, consent on full and final settlement, and joining the new company with new roles. In other words, there is an element of planning. How about the just opposite situation where you have been told to resign or fired with no immediate benefits? This is the time when depression creeps inside our soul, mind and heart. Well, the solution is to fight back.
At this point of time you need to be calm and heed on the following aspects which will help you to fetch a new job sooner.
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Rake up your References:
Finding a new job takes time especially when you have been fired recently. If you are in touch with your old colleagues or friends who are working in the same city in different companies, then talk to them about your new hunt. Having some verbal references helps in landing a new job.
Let the People know your Condition:
Pass message to all …

How to Behave in Your New Office after a Failed Freelancing Stint?

Returning to normal working life after a failed freelancing affair needs some cooling time. And that is the time when we all think about various possibilities before joining any new place, like an office or a warehouse. Questions like what kind of people will be there, whether they would like a new colleague or not, etc. gallop through our mind. Well, things can turn out both ways, you never know. You can only guess about them. However, there are ways to cope up in the new office environment and see things and people that can help you in the long run.

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Discover the Meeting Point:
A good office keeps separate space for many things like lunch room, pantry or coffee dug out, meeting cabins and more. Favourite meeting points are coffee drinking place. So, find out that area where you can go for a coffee or tea and speak to one or more persons. If you found conversing at the appropriate meeting point, then peop…

5 Best Content Marketing Website for South Asian Bloggers

If you wish to be a famous blogger, I am sure you cannot achieve this feat by overlooking the need of content marketing. Since the magic of SEO is dwindling, the need of content marketing is rising like a legendary bird. Guest posting and writing articles for other websites are two game changers for you. Other than publishing content on your own website, if you fail to write for others, then things of rewards will come not on time.
The digital world is full of blogging and article submission sites; however, many websites (though they are good) bully their loyal users in the guise of strict submission guidelines and high-quality content. Either they will reject your content by giving any illogical excuse or take weeks to make it published. This attitude doesn’t work anymore because blogging has spread across the world. People from any country, irrespective to their language and economy, can get online to start blogging and can make money. India and Malaysia are two fine examples.

Is ‘How to’ an ever evolving blogging niche?

You agree that internet serves as a knowledge provider. Why do people come to internet? So that they can know what’s happening all around the world – what kind of people live in another part of world and how to reach up to them, etc. in the most basic sense to satiate their inquisitiveness. To know about others is also one of the basic human urges.

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Internet is all about knowledge economy. Where there is knowledge there is money. While typing queries online the most searched or typed keyword is ‘How to + main query’. For instance how to go to California from Bangkok, even they mean to find direct flights but the subtlety is hidden under ‘how to’. Thus, it gives a new sphere of knowledge and a tremendous opportunity for bloggers. As a blogger if you can master any niche with how to tag, you are done.
Why is ‘How to’ a desirable niche for blogging? Read on the possibilities.
How to Travel:
Travelling is a …