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Learn the Ways for Creating Arresting Slogans

A slogan is all about long lasting impression. People take note of and also use interesting and striking slogans in their day to day life. They erratically remember slogan phrases, but possibly not recall which brand they belong to. Generally slogans are generated for a high level of marketing. For this reason, one must find slogan experts very carefully, who are good at defining business with impressive taglines. For writers and entrepreneurs, there are some steps involved in order to produce fruitful and catchy slogans.

Understanding the brand concern:

Writing slogans looks simple but is just opposite. Thus, one needs to have proper understanding of the brand or say product before start working on its slogan. Using overused words or phrases with little modification is a temporary arrangement and it doesn’t work always. Many hire tagline experts in the hope of getting real taglines but most of the times the hired people use ‘canned’ techniques to deliver slogans. Some of the basic repetitions are, words or phrases like, since 1890s, we are the fastest, largest, biggest etc.

Keep it Simple:

Simplicity is the salient characteristic of a good slogan. Most businesses could not decide on whether they need slogan or not. The main confusion is that people don’t understand whether to use slogans for a company or products or for both. Though slogans differ entirely in meaning for both purposes, but keeping them separate is important.

First work on the Logo:

Since slogan writing doesn’t happen every day, it has to be like a final shot after much cogitation. The first condition for slogan writing is logo, without logo a slogan is barely a statement. The branding starts as soon as the logo comes into the picture. Also, the logo should be in accordance to the line of business. Logo doesn’t appear when marketing takes place through radio; otherwise it is needed for all other mediums like TV, paper, online channels, website, etc.

Find out the Emotional Connect:

Slogans can’t be written in hustle bustle. Hire slogan experts who must take time to understand the product or brand for which a slogan is to be created. Overlooking a research on the brand or product leads to misinterpretation. Generally slogans come from top employees of a company, for it is matter of emotional connect while making the product. 

Remain Focused:

Often new writers try to cover history and future prospects in one slogan. While doing all this, they got off the main focus and start telling things that aren’t part of the product at all. People don’t appreciate unwanted and kitschy things in brands’ slogans. If the business cannot deliver as per the slogan, it gathers good amount of negativity in less time. Hence, keep a practical slogan.

Humour is Good:

Try to put some humour. Most of the world famous slogans are funny in their context. Too serious slogans are boring and look unpromising. Find slogan experts online, using freelance sites, and get rid of heavily charging ad agencies.

People remember slogans as they remember adage, maxims and other hot gossips, thus, creating an arresting slogan is more than just a need. Slogans are present ever since the trading has begun. One must try to secure a place in the history, just as Nike has done – Just Do It!


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