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Some of the Top Early-career Glitches of Freelancers

From a distance, to become a freelancer looks like one of the most fabled stances one can ever think of. However, a close look reveals some different stories. Thus, before you leap solemnly on faith, kindly heed on the advice of freelancers who have already taken the plunge, off course not for your sake, but from their experience you can surely extract million-dollar precious tips. Going with the popularity of freelance service marketplaces, we assume freelancing is for all. However, many noted, once-struggling but now settled freelancers persist freelancing isn’t for not-yet-shaving boys. You have to dig a place for yourself, if you’re really serious about taking freelancing to higher altitudes. Here go some tips from experienced freelancers to newcomers.

Ignoring the Contract:

You may think getting clients is ever tougher than ever, and thinking of binding them with a contract is a sure shot way to lose them. Probably, they would think you are acting smart by demanding a contract for work. Yes, as a tyro, your naivety would never allow questioning a client’s ethics. In the early days, you should keep going, however once you start getting good cognizance and client begin searching you for work. That is the time to rope in a working contract. Signing a contract is easy and sounds professional. Though at all freelance portals, e-contracts are available and they are also easy to sign; however, only a handful of portals provide something like freelance marketplace guide in the least sense.

Trying to Cover a Lot in One Go:

Many illustrators and graphic designers think to become a freelancer of some value they need to beat good designing agencies. And a day will come when their (agencies) work would be routed through famous (them) freelancers. In real, it can be a self created rumour, always remember you are working for yourself, not to beat any local or domestic ad agency. If you want to achieve best, compete with yourself. Also, never think you are doing a great favour to clients by providing extra doses of work in less money. This habit can land you in a sheer exploitative zone. Never let your clients think that you are an easy prey. The world is not good everywhere, and freelancing portals or marketplaces aren’t a heavenly abode. One common symptom of being overworked, at unjustifiably price, is saying YES all the time. 

Messing up Work Life Balance:

People embark on freelance journey to get a better view of life i.e. try to put life first over work. However, since the competition is tough it is likely that you will mess up your life and lose sight of the long term goals. Generally, freelancers remain confuse as when to put off working hours and take life onwards. Sadly, there aren’t freelance marketplace guides available as rampant as fashion tips, to which people can refer before plunging into it.

To become a freelancer exclusively using your talent is tougher than making a mainstream occupation. However, after struggle, results are always sweeter to enjoy. 


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