Top 5 Cities of the American Freelancers

Freelancing was started way back in America when the rest of the world was struggling for internet connections. Therefore, it is spreading like a renaissance in the American continent. More than theories, here go some stats to support their way of working – freelancing. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020 America will see its 40 percent workforce working as self employed, mostly as freelancers. It will be a robust shift for global freelance economy. As the USA is already a hub of freelancing sites, thus it holds the best catch of the people who have become a successful freelancer. Owing to freelancers’ popularity, let’s find out what are five hot spots in the USA where freelancers throng like anything.

1. Seattle, WA

On western coast a seaport city in Washington, with solid infrastructure, is a favorable place for freelancers, as it has more than needed coffee shops which provide perfect settings for freelancers’ dream of working in an alfresco coffee shop in a mild sunny day. Since Microsoft and Amazon are in this city, freelancers keep feeling motive in this city.

2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is a nice place to live in because it is quite inexpensive. Probably, that’s the reason that over here 10 percent residents of this beautiful city chose to live as freelancers. The city is invariably famous for capitol complex, heavily built oil wells and cowboy culture.

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is a paradise for music lovers. It is so full of honky-tonks, auditoriums, dance bars and dive halls that freelancers engaged into musical items can literally feel the beat. Here, freelancers make the most of their income since it is an income tax free state. There are great helping communities among freelancer who love to see each other helping and learning all the time.

4. Austin, Texas

Austin is not only a capital of Texas State but often also referred as live music capital of the world. One thing is sure that it is one of the liveliest places on earth. 14 percent population of this sparkling city is doing freelancing. Since this lively city is full of youth, startups, entrepreneurs, parks and lakes, hence resources and meet ups never die to hire best freelancers, who can make fortune via freelancing.  

5. Miami, Florida

Miami is a trendsetter in itself. Here freelancers enjoy good income, fabulous weather, and lower cost of living than Los Angeles. From beaches to cigar shops, this place is finely blended with Cuban influence to glamorous beaches and night life. Due to a hot party option this hot spot witnesses the highest ratio of freelancers over regular ones. Famous for pulsating freelancer communities, is all the more joy to newcomers and established ones alike. 

Freelancers across the world are living up their dream, however it is bit different in the USA where parties are long, incomes are high and fun is unending. Let’s all hope the freelance shift of the States will also affect the world economy and freelancers from all parts of the world can thrill and progress equally with never ending parties and work flow.    

What’s your dream place to live and work? Tell us where and why in the comments below.