Top 5 Most Hyped Myths about Freelance Lifestyle

Not all careers are folkloristic but freelancing. The race to build a career that one loves will never cease as long as human aspirations continue to thrive for a way of life which is full of freedom. The motivation behind choosing freelance lifestyle and freelancing as a career is not only actuated by freedom but there also involved some myths. These myths are both positive and negative, like freedom from bossing or say subsisting on breadcrumbs till one gets that million-dollar client. Well, there is a contrasting difference between the myths and the reality. So much, that it can upend any decent person’s life. Freelancing myths are far behind than their actual truths and values. It is likely a new online gamble, unlike traditional days, where people can realize their glitch only after they make a debut in it. Let’s find out what story lies ahead. 

Myth: You Don’t Abide by the Uniform Code

With you become a freelancer, you also go back to the dawn of human age, where clothing wasn’t necessary for life. So, as a freelancer you burn your all office dresses and roam around home with your pet in boxer shorts or wear nothing as now you are a free bird, your clients aren’t coming to your house to take the synopsis of your day’s work.

Myth: Dream Salary is not a Constraint

One of the most popular myths among non-freelancers is that they think freelancers earn what they think – it could be half a million per month. This myth has high value because people reckon businessmen as money-minting minds. Contrary to hopes, the bitter truth is freelancing doesn’t belong to anywhere. It is a just a risky adventure that remain out of range between a proper business and regular job. Only a handful of freelancers earn very good income that too after scrubbing for years.

Myth: You are the Boss, Dude

In a true sense you are not a boss. There are many mini bosses in the form of clients. So, you never go out of the bossy range. In fact, in your regular job you would have only one or two bosses, but here every client is like your boss and employer both. Thus, pressure of feeling like a slave is more, even if you lead a freelance lifestyle.   

Myth: You are Time Affluence

Hence you know you can work all night and sleep through the day. It means you are the master of your time. You can do anything and go anywhere without seeking anyone’s permission, while your friends are struggling hard to stick to their routinely schedule. Guys, forget not that you have clients and they are waiting for the work. In real sense, a freelancer’s time goes hotchpotch, plus he/she has no advantage of regular holidays or week offs, which are entitled to their office-going friends.

Myth: You Live for Your Hobbies

Now as a freelancer you can do the things that you love. So, you can shift your work as per your mood swings. In the afternoon you can go for fishing and the evening is already reserved for a house party. You leave no hobbies pending for future. On an impulse, you get up, and just do it. Relax! This isn’t the case, too many small projects to make constant income back seats all your hobbies and you feel like a smart fool, outwitted by a shaft of time. 

Freelance lifestyle can only be understood when you get into the world of freelancing. Otherwise, we usually see that the grass is always green on the other side.