Are there any Job Portals for Blue-collar Jobs?

The Indian market is growing in a 360 degree manner. To save it from underperformance, the market every year needs at least 20 crore people, mix of both blue-collar ones and white-collar entry-level professionals. This demand itself opens revenue corridor of around $ 15 billion/year. We all are familiar with the many job portals that deal with white collar. But what about the blue collar ones that include categories like security guard, house-keeping staff, staff for hotels and buildings, delivery boys, drivers etc. Are there any job portals that can help these people to secure a job without hassles?

May be, but we don’t know. Finding a job through staffing consultancies and word of mouth is still a common trend among this class of workers. However, with technology, and especially internet, things have changed a lot. The market is full of vertical and horizontal marketplaces from e-commerce to services to real estate to travel; there are platforms nearly for all human aspirations.

Recently a few startups have ventured into this space to align blue collar professionals with the needy employers. Like other job portals, these portals work on the ‘profile’ and ‘filter’ concept. Where job seekers make their profile online by providing details like age, highest qualification, languages known previous experience, etc., while on the other side, employers filter the profiles by all these factors and reach near to their best suited manpower. For low skilled job seekers the platforms are free, while employers purchase packages. These portals save low skilled people falling in the hands of manipulative agents and consultancies which often charge them a month’s salary. When they get direct calls from employers they feel lifted, plus their time and efforts are saved. These portals in a way keep them free; in a sense they can apply for and attend interviews while working. Earlier this was not the case. When a person gains good amount of experience and competency, then the person can also search managerial level jobs in his field. Otherwise, on ground it is quite a tough task to get promoted as a manager.

These portals will help the countryside population migrating to cities. There is a lot of potential untapped in this space, possibly for two reasons: 1) there are no offline players that can do this work, and 2) availability of cheap smartphones, as people can find anything online from their phones.

However, the challenge is that this working class (blue collar ones) is weak with internet and the English language. To tackle this problem, companies penetrate into their working communities and spread their wings, for instance, autorickshaw drivers and housemaids. This way they get good amount of profiles, plus some agencies do help these portals onboard the job seekers.

India’s topmost companies in this space are:

  • Babajobs
  • Asaanjobs
  • Merajob
  • WorkIndia
  • QuickJobs