Revealed: The Secret behind Choosing a Topic for Blogging

How do I choose a topic for blog is something a superfluous question in itself? Because, nowadays people take blogging as a career or part of online reputation management (ORM). Therefore, a writer who has worked for a particular domain will want to create content in that niche, as he knows writing about that particular topic, it could be anything like real estate, book review, fashion, SEO, tech, etc.

However, there are people who would also love to write about their feelings in day-to-day life or past experiences. This includes like writing a daily life account online on a publishing platform, it means your semi-personal diary is open to the world. Once blogging was highly recommended as a time passing hobby where a writer can write whatever he feels about. People from around the world still use blogging platforms to ease their burden down by sharing their travel experience, writing poetry, or showing their creativity talent by making small short stories. As kids do in their schools, like painting or involved into something that grow their mind, talent and give them internal satisfaction.

In today’s scenario if you talk about this trend – yes blogging has become a trend – especially among digital marketers. Companies and their products are nowadays being promoted through famous blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger. The blogging thing has succumbed to marketing tactics. Guys, but worry not, blogging was always meant for people like who love discovering themselves and then sharing their experiences to the world. Yes, it still belongs to the nomad that is inside you. 

Since the monetization of blogging has taken place; people, even with average writing skills, looking for a cool career have plunged into blogging. But the bitter truth is that around 70 percent bloggers leave their blog within one year. Top reasons are they either have less knowledge about blogging thing or get frustrated as their monetization fail. Like any other career option, blogging does take time. Though it looks but it isn’t a cakewalk.

Now coming to the topic – how to choose a topic for your blog. The simple answer is to listen to your heart. If your heart resonates out more than voice, it means you are a versatile blogger; yes you can write on different topics and can also manage different blogs. If still you feel something is missing, then go for a travel, take your time, and know what kind of writer lies inside you. I know a person who writes about many niches like real estate, book reviews, funny topics, SEO, SMO, love, relationship, fashion and travel. But still he is not as great as he wants to be. May be one day, we may hear his name.