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The Power of Internet will Outplay Capitalism

So far internet has proved to be a boon for all of us, including hackers. From deserts to glaciers to islands things are changing drastically. For that the sole reason is internet penetration. Days without internet were full of gaps, but still 60 percent population of the world is yet to come in the realms of connectivity through internet. Imagine the apogee of miracle when the world will see full internet penetration. Things and approaches would not be the same the way they have been coming on since centuries. Everything will be in a circle – internet of things – where humans and devices can interact and exchange data. With such proposition, one aspect can be predicted: capitalism will be defeated by socialism. The theory of full internet will level the world’s inequalities into common platforms, which can be used by all, riches and commoners alike. Let’s see what assumptions support this theory.

There were days when communication was a time-consuming affair. The modes were limited and pathetic. It was not only frustrating but at times out-of-hope-thing to wait for days only to receive a postcard. And in other circumstances, telephones booths were only part of posh localities and homes with telephone connections were identified as homes of rich folks. Common people could use postcard and poor ones not even that. Then, communication wasn’t meant for all.

In contrast to old days the situation today is quite positive. Today, at least 50 percent population can communicate whenever they wish to. It needs no revision that 40 percent population spends most of their time chatting online, after phones. One thing is good that while communicating people also share a lot. Sharing is a symbol of socialism.

Shopping and Trade:
After the clumsiness of the barter system came money to systemize the trading things. However, it wasn’t the thing to generate equalities among societies, rather it worsened the trading. Black money and hoarding are some of the traits that stop simple men to trade and shop as they desire.

E-commerce is a two-way avenue where buyers and sellers can sell and purchase respectively, irrespective of their locations. Horizontal and vertical online marketplaces allow people to trade. Contrary to old days when only a few powerful people can rule the market and shopping was limited geographically. Online you can sell your stuff without leaving your home and even shop at midnight. Things will come to you. Moreover, people can know what’s new in the market and what’s fading out of the cycle. E-commerce equally doles out the right of shopping and trading to people.

Online shopping is a strong supporter of internet banking which will further flush out black money and illegal stockpiles and then the markets and the economies will be cleaner and transparent.

Modes of transaction decide the future and use of money. When payments are done digitally, the money or sum is acknowledged to banks. Thus, internet banking diminishes the chances of stocking money without paying taxes. Offline payment modes put the money into wrong hands which leads to unnecessary inflation.

The good thing about internet is that people can pay their sundry of bills online. Online payments are cashless and get recorded with banks. Cashless society means corruption-free society. Before internet, riches had really difficult time hiding their sums.

There are all sorts of websites for booking all kind of stuff in advance. Otherwise, remember when you have to personally visit the counters, be it for movies, dramas, match, train or flight tickets and many more. Online booking has left marginal space for last-minute rush, results in better time management. Agents and touts have been rendered jobless. The agents-free world will be more direct and clear with pricing.  

Internet has saved a lot of trees and subsequently paper. People can read and write without touching pen and paper – that too with as many as revisions they wish to. Just do a great search and you will have plenty to read and keep. No need to carry and spend on books. With knowledge our life shifts in the fast-paced lane, thus, allowing more time for many things. All can learn and move ahead, so all you need is an internet connection. Search engines act as hubs of information – the world is always around gaining information – now the platforms are open for all.

TV and radio are traditional forms of entertainment. Channels like Youtube not only offer you to see anything without paying any dime, but also you can download and upload stuff anytime and anywhere. People needn’t lose their calm as missed events are being stored online and can be watched afterwards several times. Online entertainment is open all time and in particular has no regional limits. A same thing can be watched by millions across the world. The thing that is popular online is popular everywhere. People can now start their own channels as shooting and recording has been simplified over the years.

Finding jobs or finding the right talent for a job has become easy. With internet jobs have splashed across the globe. Unlike yester-years when a job was considered about going out and digging hard, rather today people work on computers and work from home. All businesses are trying to embark online, so joblessness will be less, and people can find jobs by just uploading their skill sets, plus there is no need to stand in queues just to find whether your resume meets the criteria or not. Plenty of job portals have literally sidelined age-old, offline classifieds. The evolution of service marketplaces has given wings to freelancers and next the world will see only an economy governed by freelancers.

The power of internet is mesmerizing, not less than any fairyland magic. Though there are scams and a few bad actors hindering its smoothness but they will eventually fade out as the world is bound to see equilibrium – just as it takes place in nature. Internet is changing lifestyle and habits, thus life is expected see new horizons.


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