World’s Most Perfidious Blog Aggregator Sites

Everyday thousands of bloggers sign in on different blogging platforms, but only a small number of bloggers continue blogging for years and years. Well, the truth is that nearly 70 percent of the bloggers around the world leave blogging within the first year, they may be writing good and original content but still find themselves to make any impact in the digital world. Reason is clear that they don’t know how to promote their content on blog aggregator sites or how to optimize it for SEO. Well, the thing that matters most for getting good backlinks is listing the blog on blog aggregator sites. They work like mini search engines. There are many blog aggregators available, many of them are good and genuine, while some are paid ones, and some are fake too. Be wary of fake blog aggregators, as they waste your time.
Among many blog aggregator websites, two are blatantly fake.

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Alltop says it aggregates news from around the world and put it at one place. However, upon searching its directory it is found that only news or posts from very famous blogs is available on this blog aggregator platform. For searching topics, it shows a list of alphabets – and it is totally a mess. The user friendliness on its homepage is surely zero.

The fraud starts taking place when someone clicks on the very faded ‘Submission’ link. Then, it says kindly Log In or Join. Upon joining there is no sign of email confirmation and neither can you submit your blogs. It is a total waste of time. Kindly avoid this blog aggregator, and people who list this platform in the list of top 5 blog aggregators need to have some moral values before putting things blindly.


It is a tool to frustrate blog promoters. On this platform, login procedure is good. However, when you go to submit a link, the real entrance exam comes in the form of providing ‘subreddits’. This platform is high on ego, and makes you feel inferior while you try to find the wrong while putting subreddits. Reddit is not meant for all, probably they hate Asian users. If it is not friendly for Indians, then it can’t survive in the market. Learn something from Facebook.

The world is full of fake and fraudulent things, even online, the good news is that there is one blog aggregator platform good for all and it is Blogarama:

Blogarama is a simple blog aggregator site. From joining to submitting, it has everything in place to submit your blog. Moreover, to upgrade your blog you can also opt in for a paid version. And also for good results you can add their reciprocal link in your blog; it will add more value to your blog.