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Why are Writers so Unstable?

I once heard a modern girl saying that writers are psychopaths. So, when I purposed the same girl during my writing-learning period, she turned down the proposal blatantly. I felt so bored by her rejection that I moved away from that city in search of a better writing career that can bring me some fame and more money. So that that girl can repent in her leisure time. Literally, I was a crazy guy to think all that crap that time. But young age is such a time when we crazily go after anything. Nevertheless, a lot of time has passed since then and I still feel that one day I would win hearts of readers by writing some good fictions, money no matter.

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Again, some months ago I was reading a war novel by Ben Haas, in which the protagonist was an American writer and the girl was from Austria. Her father wasn’t confident about that guy, as he considered writers a very unstable species. Do writers live by that famous law about humans: the law of diminishing marginal utility?

Whether it’s a case of a struggling writer or the famous ones, what they all think about themselves. Messy, Procrastinators and Perfectionist!

I don’t know whether people have seen or not, but they definitely put writers in that league of mess, where a person cannot be a writer unless he/she has a messy room or workplace. So, many writers deliberately try to live that life where things are being thrown here and there, and they should feel that they are living in an unorganized way. For instance, books are strewn on the bookshelf, or clips from magazines or newspapers are pasted all over the walls. Well, writers can’t decide when to turn messy or when to set things in order.

And there are writers who delay their writing contest or put their story on hold as they feel with more time they would get more ideas and imagination for the story. They also believe in doing deep research for their work, or at times take traveling to unplanned routes just to find a perfect background from where they can start a story comfortably. They read about others work and feel that their writing methods need some more time to kick start i.e. they should sound matured writers  - by no means readers should feel that the writer was immature about the plot or character development. The biggest sorrow for these kinds of writers is time loss. They spend more time in brooding over reading or writing or researching.

Some aspirants, in every field, are stubborn. You can either call it solipsism or obsession, but many writers think that they can be perfect in their work. Sadly, that moment never arrives. Writers in pursuit of perfection complete their work but find it hard to submit as they always think that perfection is missing from their work. So they read others work, and compare it with their work, and edit whenever they see their work. It is really tough to come out of this illusionary perfection because humans aren’t made to do things perfectly. 

There is a lot of confusion when one takes the path of writing. And the most disturbing thought is to defeat oneself. However, many writers do think that writing is a business, so they try to sidetrack all distractions to gain the maximum benefit.


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