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Why to Choose Startup over MNC

There were never so favorable environment for propagation of ideas and concepts so as they could turn into immediate startups, but today. Earlier plunging into business was more likely a core tradition i.e. where one makes production, there is a cycle of buying and selling, and hefty investments that would generate lumps of money. That time entering into a business meant straightaway sitting on profits. Then, the world believed into tangible services and commodities. However with time the world changed. The knowledge of being connected globally becomes ‘Glocalization’ (global + local). Thereby, Glocalization has now become one of the prime factors behind the spurting of startups everywhere. 
Though there is always a sense of insecurity while working in a startup, but there are numerous positive points as well.

Today people don’t see a startup as a blunder of young age or misuse of finances, but rather they think that it can be a leading group of tomorrow.

Most of the startups are service based and thrive online, hence hearing news about their performance, funding and product launch becomes easy to grasp. This helps in setting credibility factor among job seekers.  

Big companies are like oceans, where in you got to perform extra just to prove that you are performing well and are eligible for a minute promotion. However, with startups management is always inquisitive to know and record your performance and perks since burning cash for them on an idle resource is not less than any blunder. If everything is good, and the startup is expanding, then your promotion is sure shot. In short, growth chances are bright. In a startup, you can grow manifold in a year. The only condition is that your startup should also be growing.

What is it like to work at a startup? Since team members are limited or countable, hence knowing each other is not a hurdle there. You will come to know about people and their behavior in a short span of time and this way you can be friends with all of them quite easily. Moreover, there is also a less scope for office politics.   

Startups are known for setting new and unique concepts, such as in India Flipkart and Snapdeal set e-commerce vertical. So, when these concepts become hit people working in those startups are being lured by another startups and old companies. Isn’t it a matter of elation as the market is chasing you?    

Startup cultures keep basic hesitations at bay, like generation gap, strict dress code and old traditions. Rather they believe in open culture.

Startups think that by hiring the best talent from the market can position them better in their segment. Hence, they prefer doling out higher remunerations to new hires. As long as the funding is on, they never shy away from hiring manpower at a good salary hike.


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