Facebook as a Marketing Tool: Better Avoid Silly Mistakes

What do people do at Facebook? Right from social networking to entertainment to marketing, FB is being used for almost all major things that we can count online. Today’s generation can’t live without social sites; especially they need an account on Facebook. Thus, FB for businesses is not only essential but also a critical platform for their success. Whosoever joins FB gets online presence – free of cost – and also an opportunity to convert little endeavours into great success. Though nowadays businesses and individuals seeking a name depend heavily on Facebook, otherwise they will not be able to reach out to the young and the coming youth of the world. From film stars to business tycoons to sports celebrities, they all love sharing their some part of lives with their fans or followers through social sites and the prominent medium is Facebook. That’s why they hire social media experts. So, you must have made your plan to use FB as a marketing tool to gain some fame for your business or at least for a passion that runs deep in your veins.

Well here is a short but comprehensive guide for you to use FB for the maximum advantage, and that you can do only and if you avoid grave mistakes like:

Just don’t create for the sake of creating:

You kick start your marketing campaign by creating a page for business or product or anything. On your page, as your motto is to promote, you need to put website URL, a slogan or an objective or theme of the thing that you want to display. Next is the page picture - never create a page without a backdrop image – otherwise people will not trust, plus how would you promote a thing that is faceless. The page must reflect authenticity, so that users can click on ‘Like’ tab without hesitation. If every aspect is in place, then you would also love to push it for more Likes and other interactions.

Don’t be too plain:

Expecting to see a great surge of traffic on your site through FB is only possible when you can keep your subscribers bewitched. Otherwise putting a lot of pictures and links with dull taglines won’t do anything new to you. When things go too predictable, users turn off from the page thinking that as a below standard effort. Try to interact with the users while pitching anything new before them. Well, you page content is good then users stick to loyalty and there comes an urge in them to share your page or business website with their connected people. Pose questions for them, which they see hard to ignore.

Make sure you have regular posts for your page – a long gap can put your page into sleeping state. A time can come when it could be declared inactive page, it is the most dreaded situation on any of the social sites, and as a result people start ‘unlike’ your page.

One simple tip is to browse many service marketplaces to find SMO experts, pay them per post and get expert social media tips from them.