How can Social Media Boost the Real Estate Industry?

Social media is an exciting platform to gauze users’ sentiments. People speak, opine, and popularise various aspects of life, along with market trends. People extensively compliment about brands, services and new ventures among their communities through various social platforms. Ultimately, their reviews and opinions influence others purchasing powers.

Recently, real estate developers have started coming out of proportioned classified ads and have moved towards digital platforms. Other than being online on multiple devices, real estate developers are now striving hard to take advantage of social sites. For real estate, the journey is just started, but it is expected that developers soon will get that stance as their peers got, who are involved into e-commerce, education, and travel industry. Technology is changing the way properties are researched and bought.

Presence on social media is like doing trading virtually. Through social media developers try to reach out to a wide array of target audiences. Better presence on search engines means a developer can receive and provide enquiries set by seekers. It is a space where people talk about experiences of products and services. For smart real estate developers, the social media platform is an ocean of information. Therefore, if developers keep themselves present on social networking sites, forums, blogs, etc., then they can easily gauge potential buyers’ sentiments towards the realty sector and can easily adjust their attitude and pitch towards sales policies for completed as well as upcoming projects. Most importantly, they can plan for future.

Through conventional media, products are marketed and solely focused on sale, whereas social media allows building lasting relationship through two-way rapport and engagement. 25 % of the fortune global 100 companies are using social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, etc., and it is going to rise for all companies – because being online is more than just a need. Online platform is a new matter for developers and they have begun grasping the power of online reputation management. For the same, many developers or major players either outsource their ORM to agencies or hire social media experts to maintain an in-house team. The strategy behind using social media is to spread a brand’s value, and also to strengthen up its positivity so as to scale up its reliability and trust among masses.

The need to have a presence online, including on social platforms, is mandatory for all business verticals in order to sustain and feel connected with the targeted audiences. Promoting things offline is becoming a lesser known thing.