How to set up a Blogging Company?

Setting up a blogging company is easier than any other traditional company. In fact, today there are millions of blogging companies; but as a matter of less-documented credibility people refer them only as websites. Some of the straight examples include mashable,, The Huffington Post, and in India famous ones are Shoutmeloud and These websites, at any given time, have turnover around $ 10 million.

Interestingly, couple of decades ago blogging was considered a mere writing hobby; the only advantage it had over traditional writing was to publish it online. Seeing oneself as a writer, of any level, was not only difficult but nearly impossible during the off-internet days.Gradually, blogging grew from writing hobby to expressing tool to now as a career/business opportunity. When internet became a full-fledged platform/media to promote business or causes, blogging served as a knowledge fuel, thus blogging gotmonetized and now today it is seen as a rewarding career. The delight is: whosoever can write, can be a blogger and earn money without haggling in the chaos of the world.

So, setting up a blogging firm is easy and simple and everything because the digital world thrives on knowledge,if your website serves the purpose of online searchers (people browsing internet for number of reasons) then assume a blogging company is shaping up sooner or later.

Let’s talk what all would you be needing for a thriving blogging firm.


You can be Peter Pan online but not Zack of All Trade. All popular websites have their own niche; they don’t flood their site with anything. If the site is all about blogging tips or how to make money online, then as a cardinal rule that website should include distractive content based on love affairs or finance. A multi-topic website isn’t a good and focused website;people might find it on the top of search engines but may turn away soon finding it not relevant to their exact query.

Before choosing an inexhaustible topic, refer a list of your interest, reading habit and to what extent you can write on the topic. Never hurry up, take time and do lot of research. Once the topic is decided, half the work is simplified. Simple tip: avoid writing on different topics on one website, for it will not bring money to you, but may bring traffic.


Famous blogging platforms are blogger and wordpress; however soon you ought to buy your own hosting space and domain name and get a simple blogging website to leverage your passion into monetization. Had it been not monetized, people would have never taken blogging as a full-time career.


Content is a fuel of a website. No plant can survive without water, so does a website without content. If you can write – that is good enough – bit short of time then it is better to hire a few freelance content writers from various service marketplaces who can provide you with content on a regular basis.And always keep some content in store, to use in dry times. The quality of content must be good; original, plagiarism free. Try to post 3-4 articles per week.


For better ranking, you need SEO, it means in every post you should include some keywords and phrases so that your content can be crawled up by all search engines, because this will give you better ranking or visibility in search engines. To find relevant keywords for your posts, run a search and note down all the keywords and the phrases that appear at the end of search engine’s first page. You can also use Keyword Planner of Google Adwords.

SMO is important because it spreads word about your themes, posts – in fact about your website. Make a page of your website on all the top social sites like Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. and keep sharing what’s going on your website. On social sites, in a way you are promoting your website, however it also plays a major role in overall ranking.

Though there are many ways to start and promote a blogging firm, but still rudimentary aspects can’t be ignored for the heck of outsmarting long methods.