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Is Freelancing all about Breaking the Comfort Zone?

The thought of freelancing starts with myths. Some great myths that can set you free, like a bird, in this complicated world. Like, you will be millionaire in easy ways, no bossing, travel anywhere, get up and sleep anytime, etc. However the ground reality is just opposite. If you manage to break away from your comfort zone, then only you can embark on a successful freelancing career, otherwise not.
But why is it important to break away from the comfort zone?

Comfort Zone = Passive Thinking

Comfort zone is nothing but just a passive thinking. Things shape up and fade away in your mind thousands times a day until you take up a stance for your plans. Your regular job has all shares in a very proportional manner, like job security and insecurity, fixed salary, promotions, vacation and of course work pattern. So in a sense you are quite predictable about your life and career thus you are in your own comfort zone to an extent. But when you come out to work as a freelancer, you immediately realize that your beloved comfort zone is no more with you. This moment either makes or breaks you.Going with the realization in a hope to come out as a winner is a positive sign.On the other side, if you sink down thinking that you should get some really good clients so that you can retain your loosing comfort zone, then here is the point where you step in a grave.

Exploitation = Growing Clientele

The feeling of being exploited constantly piques your confidence, thus, you feel dejected to serve your clients.But the fact is something else, in Freelancing world there is no term called exploitation. If you are working more than your capabilities to see your clients happy, then the rewards you get are far resonating than the feeling of dejection. Get up and work to any limit, and gradually you would feel that your clientele is growing, that is because of their word of mouth.

Endurance = Stability

Endurance gives you courage and courage gives you stability.And stability comes when you accept to work hard out of your comfort zone. In freelancing stability doesn’t come in a day or so, like Rome wasn’t built in a day. And even if the stability comes bit easily, then your main responsibility is to maintain it. In this career, people can make money in snatches, but a person with sound stability receives rewards as mentioned in the myths related to freelancing career tips.Be it any career, stability is the rudimentary aspect to set up a long-term career growth.

The materialistic lust in us always impels us to achieve something which can give us our best and most desired things without giving away our freedom or comfort zone. However, great rewards come in with great sacrifices, and one such sacrifice is to give up our comfort zone. Today freelancing is a dream of millions;it is spreading like never before;hence we must respect freelancers as it can change the corporate landscape by making it more rational and concrete. 


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