How to Prepare for a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

People often ask what digital nomads do. Digital nomad is relatively a new term, prior to this you must have heard about work-from-home jobs or freelancers living a great life, full of freedom, with absolutely no bossing around them. The term digital nomad stems from the same roots. So basically if you are trying to find out what the digital nomad meaning is, then here is your definition. They are people who are location independent and earn their income online; they can be bloggers, SEO and SMO guys, travel writers, etc. In the world 70 percent of the people would want to travel all their life while taking no worries about the source of income. Rather it is the most coveted dream of any individual to live life on their own terms.

There are freelancers and work-from-home people who fall out of the 9-to-5 cycle and also earn their living. However, these two types don’t go to any office but stick to a place, could be said their set workplace. On the other side, a digital nomad lifestyle involves traveling from one place to another and never stopping working. Yes, it is different from both work-from-home and traveling. Choosing to have a digital nomad lifestyle isn’t that easy; before you walk that path do consider the following points for a smooth experience.    

Choose your Place:
Being into digital nomad lifestyle doesn’t offer you to go to the remotest Himalayan village or explore the outback of the African forests, because if you go to a place like these, then you will be obsessed about basic facilities and the most cringing will be the no internet connectivity.    

You work while touring or living in some other city, state, country or continent. Simply you are neither in your office nor at your home. You are away, in a sense, hence chose a place where you can do both: enjoy and work.

If possible take a friend, your spouse or a kin along with you who can enjoy the holiday as well as help you with some tiny things. Also, you will have a person to converse otherwise people on solo digital nomad tour go dry for words or land in the world of silence or soliloquy.

Research and Book in Advance:
Do an extensive research about the local market, hotels and many other things that are relevant to you. So that you know what you can buy or not there, filling oneself with the local knowledge of the place that you wish to visit or sojourn is a helpful move, rather mandatory. If needed book the hotel or hostel in advance because at well-known tourist places finding vacancies upon your arrival could be tricky. A better planning is needed in traveling. Also read reviews of that place and the hotels.    

Internet Connectivity:
Well, your source of income is online; hence you can survive without internet but not your work. So, make sure you are staying at a place where either WiFi works or in other case you can tether up from your Smartphone via Hotspot. And never forget to carry a working laptop with a good battery power back up.   

Various Apps:
Keep various daily use Apps ready in your mobile. These will help you in working and managing.

So, a digital nomad lifestyle is not purely of a tourist but also involves immaculate planning as well as some luck. Digital means arranging internet, working on internet, and earning online while traveling from one exotic location to another. Being digital nomad is pure fun.


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