Top 4 Social Websites every Freelancer Needs

Social marketing is a must-have skill for freelancers. Without this, they will have dull influence over networking and public relations. Therefore, every freelance should be present on social sites irrespective of his/her skill set. Why? It will help you in more than one situation, notably people in your circle may pass their work to you or clients want to see what kind of a person you are apart from your work. For you, socializing is a tool of marketing than a rapport building. Not only SEO or SMO needs social platforms, as a matter of fact they are needed by all sorts of freelancers to become successful in the world of freelancing. If you still don’t have accounts on major social sites, then sit back, and read through the best and in-demand platforms which are highly useful to freelancers. Aftermath, you may go on to create one for you. Alternatively, if you are so na├»ve about social sites, then the best is to find SMO experts for a bright help.


LinkedIn is a networking site for professionals, so it is quite famous among corporate people. As a freelancer you might have come out of corporate world’s working culture, but remember all your clients hail from the corporate world. So, they would definitely check your profile on this platform. Thus, be there with latest updates and some good pictures. It is the only social site that can get you direct assignments from clients – if you become famous on LinkedIn – probably you would not need the services of freelancing sites. But remember it takes time.


Facebook is known for its user experience and a strong tool considered for social marketing. You might think that people share or update anything that they like but that is because every internet user is available on this site, thus making it the largest socializing platform in the world. In addition to that, creating pages is easy and ‘boost the post’ is good facility plus it is dirt cheap. Putting your work’s links on this site means gaining popularity among same level people and you may get a lot of work just because some clients know you through your strong FB profile. While you remain connected with your friend, you also remain connected with your clients. Put good pictures and be a positive user of FB – it will help you in credible profiling.


Twitter moves on industry oriented #hashtags. Though there are only 140 characters limit, but short URLs and trending hash tags can place your image many times higher than other social sites. Than any other social sites, Twitter is always full of freelancers, marketers, and clients. When you twit they go viral and works like a wildfire. Thus, you got to be careful as this place is full of celebrities, make sure you aren’t being abused by any celebrity. It is your freedom to express your thoughts but never indulge in rubbish talks, in the long term clients may take note of that. Be wise for better results.  

Google +

This social platform is the biggest one in current time, at time it portrays as there is no defining timeline for it. You just go on scrolling down – like the depth of an abyss. It is best for freelancers to connect with people from Europe and USA, as FB is receding in these continents. Plus, thousands of communities with thousands of members in each, is a great boon to introduce yourself and make your work popular. So, you just need a Gmail account and you are done.  Just like FB, here also you can create communities and pages. Yes, boosting post isn’t available so far – but may be in the future – you never know.  Google+ is totally supported by Google - the biggest search engine on earth – what else you need.

The above mentioned sites are ultra-useful to companies hence they do hire social media marketing experts as to keep going with the digital world. Otherwise, imagine how you would rise without taking support of these vital sites.