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Top 5 Digital Nomad Cities in India

Digital nomadism is catching up; hence the urge to find suitable tourist places is also rising. If someone is looking to spend time in India while working online, without seeing a dip in the performance, then consider the below given best places to lead a digital nomad lifestyle.


Pune is the best place for digital nomads who have a fixed income from online clients or for somebody working for a startup remotely. Pune is well connected to Mumbai, the financial capital of India, thus taking international flights or trains for the other parts of the country is available round the clock. Moreover, the city has moderate temperature and enjoys the status of ‘The Educational Capital of India’ and ‘Oxford of the East’. For this reason, you will there find young crowd and all kinds of accommodation facilities are available in all the budgets. Also, it has great night life.

The prime attraction of the city is: never-dying party spirit. You can easily indulge yourself in parties and long drives without any fuss. The city is nestled among the mountains hence natural beauty is abundant and sandy beaches are well-connected via good motorable roads. Pune is a great city to lead a digital nomad lifestyle in all weathers.


It is a famous hill station in the north India. Since it is a famous tourist attraction staying here in summers is a bit expensive, however if you manage to find a home on rent, then it is not costly at all. Located in the middle region of Himalaya, it does also offer snow-clad Himalayan view and the stretch of the Naini Lake along the much commercialized Mall Road is a perfect place for boating and shopping. You can stay here even for a year as this town never sees electric load shedding, also this place is full of schools; thus, connectivity to plain areas and other amenities like internet connectivity, food and clothing, etc. is accessible.  The weather remains pleasant throughout the year, except the few months of winter.


Dharamshala is a beautiful city in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Well-connected by New Delhi, this city sees a pleasant, rather cold, weather round the year. Summers are pleasant and winters see snow falling. Thus, digital nomads from plain or hot areas can look up to spend their summer time here while working calmly. Because of Tibetan refugees, this place has mixed cultural taste and offers a great shopping paradise.


Shillong is a beautiful city located in the eastern region of India. It often remains a less-traveled place among digital nomads. Famous for natural beauty, places nearby Shillong receive rainfall throughout the year. Famous for churches and colonial culture it is a perfect sojourn for anyone willing to lead a digital nomad lifestyle in a peaceful atmosphere from the maddening crowds of a bustling city. 


Goa is a small state in the western India. In this state everything and every place is beautiful and conducive. Goa is often crowded with foreign tourists, thus chances are that you may chance upon a perspective client while partying. On every beach there comes the facility of shack and fresh water bath, thus you can enjoy sunbathing and sea-watching while working. In Goa, provision for house, bike and car on rent is a common sight. Though summers are hot but mild winter is a perfect time to enjoy your digital nomad lifestyle. The expanse of beautiful beaches is endless and the beauty is that you can work there day in, day out, as the beach shacks in Goa never shuts down, except the rainy season.


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