What is your Genuine Review about IndiBlogger – a Community for Indian Bloggers?

Bloggers love to write and explore more about blogging, hence they are into blogging. A curious blogger would always love to see how his/her blog is performing in comparison to others. Though comparison is a bad thing but one has to read and follow others blogs in order to remain updated and, to an extent, inspired.

                                             Image Source: http://sarcasti-nation.blogspot.in/

To remain inspired and learn more about blogging tips and driving traffic, I joined various communities on social media and also follow blogs like shoutmeloud or savedelete. Though I don’t believe in directory submission or pinging the URL, because I feel content is something that can decide your fate over other plausible techniques. However when I came to know about IndiBlogger, I experienced a mood swing and decided to see it. So, basically what is IndiBlogger? It is a blog submission website for the Indian blogging community, a kind of directory where you can find thousands of bloggers listed and there really exists topics from the all walks of life.

With already good impression and positive attitude, I began browsing their website. So, here I am sharing my experience about IndiBlogger.


They say you can join in 60 seconds, but in reality that is not possible. Though I signed – it took me more than 5 minutes.

During the time of blog submission, I entered the details about my book review blog: http://www.keveinbooksnreviews.in/

Everything seemed good and they notified that my approval will be confirmed in 2-3 days. I was happy and hopeful.

After a week I got a message on my email id and the message was:

Dear Zahid Ahmed,
Your blog listing Kevein Books and Reviews has been put on hold by our moderators.
The most common reason for this is that you do not have enough blog posts. Please use the link below and let us know once you have at least twenty blog posts so we can check again.
The IndiBlogger Team

Of course, I felt bad because that time I had around 120 posts published on that blog. And soon I realized that is all about promoting with money – pay them money – have your name included there. I found their veracity fake and I never re-approached them. So, don’t be upset if you had a same kind of encounter, better insist on writing good content and you can beat anyone. That’s the best blogging tip I ever have got in life.