4 Tips for Getting a Classic About Me Page

Among all pages, About Me page is the most important page on your blog. If your About Me section is good and rational enough, then you can count on some good traffic as people love to come back when the About Me page looks promising and real. People love to know about the blogger behind the good posts. So, if you haven’t started working or want to revamp it for a more meaningful approach, make sure it’s a classic one.
Audience Orientation

In the guise of About Me, you need to talk about your audiences very subtly. The first homework is to know about the interests of your audience. If you can grab this, then other questions like how they would benefit from my blog or what information they can take away from my blog will automatically get aligned to the theme of the blog. If your blog is about cars and accessories, then very obviously you want them to know more about new car launches on your website. Also, if car enthusiasts land on your site, they will instantly consider it a good fit for increasing their knowledge base. No matter what background you come from but your target audiences are only interested in knowing about cars on your website. In a nutshell, your blog should resonate with the area of interest of the visitors otherwise the affair is void of substance. Remember visitors are highly insular in nature.

Cite Reasons for Uniqueness

After setting the orientation for your target market, next is to show them why your blog is unique and meaningful for them. In the first impression and by seeing the quality of content, users should be able to pick that your blog is everything but warts and all. Tell them what they can do next in order to gain a fountain of knowledge. What is the highlighted point of your blog? For this, you can recommend them some tips and DIY exercises by sharing some relevant links; they can be external links as well.

Tell about Yourself

While telling about yourself, don’t exaggerate your personal experiences of life as people aren’t interested in your personal details. Rather tell them about the idea behind running this blog or what inspired you to start a blog like this. You can also tell them for how long you struggled to get this blog in a fine condition. Always mention when you started this blog. These details help in building a fine rapport with your users. Also, add a nice picture of you. Through your introduction and real images you can show that you are a real human being. And people love to connect with someone who sounds genuine and progressive.

Stay Connected

Your blog should have social icons and subscription box so that they can join you on many platforms. Make pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, etc. Let your users be with you always. Invitation for email subscription and social sites should be visible brightly on your website. It is very likely that after being impressed by you they may join you.