5 Minute Guide: How to Optimize Facebook for Organic Traffic

If you are a blogger and active on many social sites but unable to churn out some traffic for your website, possibly it is a case of being introvert. To solve this you needn’t to hire SMO expert, instead you can do that quite easily. Let’s plan out how to optimize Facebook for driving traffic on your blog. Undeniably, Facebook is the biggest social networking site, especially in developing nations, like India, where the current internet user size is over 900 million and increasing everyday like anything.

Profile - About Tab:
You may chance upon strangers and possibly begin liking them while vacationing, however on social media it is better to reveal as much as you can, since it builds up a rapport or say generates a credible factor among the new and the old visitors alike. So, don’t look around for a keyword like ‘hire SMO expert’ on various service marketplaces, rather go to About Tab on your FB profile and start filling the details related to Work Place, Professional Skills, College, School, etc. For example, on my profile I have put in Blogger at Kevein Books and Reviews (it is my less-popular book review blog). These are some basic details to remain actually active on FB, nowadays being anonymous or hiding too much information on social sites casts a negative impression and people might ignore your profile thinking it as a spam activity.

Interaction – Likes and Comments and Shares:
Since you are active on FB for over a year or so and made friends relevant to your interests or hobbies, thus it’s quite obvious that you don’t do plain surfing on FB timeline. Anything sounding rational, mind boggling questions or a beautifully taken picture, you automatically feel like to Like, Share or Comment on it. In a sense, it is a good habit to build a healthy rapport with others. In return, they will respond to your stuff, but for that you need to maintain a consistency. Post your updates (content and pictures) regularly, once in a blue moon attitude doesn’t bring anything. So, keep the ego aside and start giving attention to people and you will get 50 percent attention back.        

Maintain a Healthy Timeline:
Facebook Timeline is a mirror of your actions, personal endeavors, interests and most important thinking. Thus, it is your duty to post and share good and interesting content. A few good tips: don’t spread negative content and gloomy images, don’t involve into or initiate any controversial topic, don’t abuse people on your timeline, also see people should not tag you for objectionable stuff. Share others posts or causes if they are worth sharing. And do not spam your timeline with repetitive updates or links. Make it as pleasant as possible. 

Whether you own a single blog or a website or many, you can easily create a page for them on FB. That too free! Facebook provides opportunity to build a page for business, brand, model, celebrity, etc.  On that page put the information about your blog, as it asks for website URL and a short description. Once the page is done, share some good pictures on it and content links with snippets. Next, invite your friends to like it. If you share something good on it, then it gets Likes over a period of time. Keep it active by publishing good things on it.

Another aspect is: Liking others page. If you like others pages then it reflects you are not that egotist as you think. When you like others page, chances are that some, not all, will return to like your page. Also, on others or say on Liked Pages you can put your content updates. But do not spam them, they might block you. 

Creating and joining groups on FB is as easy as Pages. However it is easy to create a Group as compared to a Page, also the scope in Groups is wider because there you can sell, post and edit your stuff directly. Though some groups prefer to publish your stuff after reviewing but that’s fine. You can join as many as groups possible. You will find group for every niche, like fashion, travel, SEO, blogging, etc. Also, FB keeps recommending groups to you as per your browsing history. Hence our query - How to get traffic from Facebook Groups - has been partially answered here.

Friend List:
It is also important to keep receiving and sending friend requests to people whom you know partially or fully. Do not accept totally strangers’ requests. Referral from other friends is also a good idea but remember one tip if someone has already cornered aside your request earlier then it is wiser not to trouble them. Having more friends means more coverage. But the key is consistency and decency.

Have fun on FB, don’t hire SMO experts from anywhere, rather be one for yourself.