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5 Valuable Tips for Successfully Launching a Blog

Thinking of starting a blog? Better you launch it, rather messing up the things haphazardly. If the purpose of your blog is to snatch a niche or want to make money writing about your favourite hobbies or travel experiences, then it is worth to heed on the points given below.

1. Decide Your Topic and Create Content

Getting into blogging is simple, however real dedication is tested when you contemplate to take it further. The most common mistake is not to think what you can do over what you like. Many people sign up and make accounts on blogging platforms but never come back to publish their second post. Thus, your homework starts with finding or, say, deciding a topic on which you can write for years or all your life.

Do some research online and read others blog to get some guidance and the nature of content. As per your interest or subject knowledge, decide a topic for yourself. The topic shouldn’t exhaust you sooner you publish first 5 or 10 posts. Talk to your relatives or friends or colleagues while deciding the topic for your blog. Because it is something that you cannot leave midway, though you can but this will make you lose your audiences or traffic.

After choosing your desired topic, the first thing you should do is to write at least 10 posts for future use. This exercise will keep your interest alive and a sense of continuity will not be hampered until you stop yourself.   

2. Arrange your Blog – Finalize your Logo & Theme

Arranging a blog means choosing your custom domain name and hosting options, learn how to install it in your platform, work on a logo and most importantly choose a relevant theme. Though there are many themes available with the blogging platforms, however if you feel the most appealing one is missing then you can download for free from various sites, you can buy as well. Theme is important because it aligns the nature of your content. If you are confused about choosing a theme, then simply take a simple black and white theme. But make sure that you are not hampering the growth of your blog by choosing something irrelevant or totally out of place.

3. Explore Social Media Presence

If you are present on social sites, make sure you create a page/group for your blog. On every social media along with your page or group you can put the description and website URL, which is great for getting traffic, since most of the successful bloggers make good money by sharing their content on social sites.

On social sites like FB, LinkedIn and Google plus; you can create and join hundreds of communities or groups. On the other hand, discover new emerging social sites like Instagram, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Explore each social site profoundly and see what you can get from each of them. No social site is hopeless.  

4. Set up a Newsletter

Sending newsletters regularly to your users is a nice way to keep users engaged to your blog, as whenever they receive newsletter they feel important and a sense of loyalty takes them back to the website. However, to make newsletters work you first install or plug-in subscription feed in your blog. Entice them with a free guide or e-book to subscribe your blog.   

5. Prepare a Calendar

Even as a blogger you cannot escape from planning and management. To keep things under your control, you got to plan them step by step. You need a calendar because you need time to write and then promoting the same content. Writing and promoting should go together. Even if you are working from home or adopt a digital nomad lifestyle, you should know when to write and when to promote, mingling up things won’t work in a long term blogging affair. Prepare a calendar so that you can always look back in the times of sheer lethargy or black out.

Just like we do preparations for a job interview or a new job or travelling, similarly doing apt preparations before getting into blogging can make you move smartly with good results. The point is that never treat blogging as a casual affair or an object to pass the time. Launching a blog is easy but you got to prepare like a nomad and fight like a warrior. 


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