8 Reasons Why Blogging will never Saturate

At the outset of internet technology, very few would have envisaged that one day blogging will have the world in its grip. As the world is moving towards knowledge economy, internet stands tall among all the mediums that impart knowledge. For, it is aptly said that the power belongs to knowledge and knowledge is everything… 
So, if you ask in a very simple sense what is blogging? I would answer it is nothing but an extended form of writing where journalism rules get lenient treatment. The initial stages of blogging were seen as a tool of expression – sharing a first-hand experience about life, an experiment thesis or a travelogue, etc.

Since the introduction of professional blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger by Google, blogging has received much needed attention. Reason was simple: free and easy to use. In a broader sense, blogging has plowed way for globalization and the exchange of cultural differences.     

In all likelihood, these platforms made writing and publishing effortlessly easy. So, once who used to blog was actually found a delight to boast. Writing and getting published online became very popular and the blogging got the much needed shot in the arm when the giant search engine, Google started monetizing it through the very tough process Adsense.

A decade ago blogging was hidden like latent heat but today it has become a gold erupting volcano. Just write good and the Google Panda will take care of your life. Nowadays, it is the most searched fad on search engines; everyday millions of people start or resume blogging. Among millennial it is the shortcut way to become a millionaire. Thus, today one out of three internet user is a blogger. Some of the favorite or most written blog niches are fashion & lifestyle, blogging ideas, travel, health, food recipes, life hacks, book reviews and how to make online money, though people also share information on random things, like GIS, sports and programming languages. Just type in any keyword and you will get whopping over 10k results in some 0.35 seconds, that’s the moment to realize how fast blogging is spreading everywhere and probably no topic is left being uncovered by it.

But why is it spreading like a wildfire wave? Because, people need attention and bit fame since they get both by blogging. So, if today you are thinking to start a career in blogging, yeah it is fine yet a cool career choice. However the only challenge is to find a very fresh informative niche. That’s nearly impossible. So, don’t lose heart out. I mean to say blogging is still very much about rewriting. And it will never cease because of the following reasons:
  1. Every travel experience is a new one. Hence a place visited by thousands of bloggers will still vary whenever the experience is to be penned down.
  2. Blogging is all about original and quality content hence content farming/mill type practices will be weeded out. Only the genuine writers will make progress.
  3. As the content is king, the black magic of SEO is almost irrelevant today. Gone are the days when keyword stuffing was insulting the good writers. Evilness never wins over truth.
  4. Blogging is like telling stories, so stories with fresh vocabulary and outlook will continue to win people’s faith and heart. Telling or presenting the same thing with better keywords will never lose its shine.
  5. Things like WordPress themes or Plugins, templates, etc. are always evolving hence the need to write about them will never see a sunset.
  6. Search engines’ algorithm and crawling change with passage of time and user behavior will decide the fate of good content writing, another form of blogging. Though the future is videos/images, but content will always rule because it is all about empowering people with knowledge.    
  7. Social sites keep updating themselves and new sites are always in pipeline. Hence social media content is never fixed nor does it entertain the duplicate stuff.
  8. Even the topics like fashion, news, life are on a constant change cycle. Style of 1960s will never feed the age of 2017.  

Should you be able to see yourself as a successful blogger, then the key is: a ruthless eye and consistency. Happy Blogging!