Be a Successful Freelancer to get Access to Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Nomadism is a trait. People become full time travelers to explore different geographical zones and earn their sustenance. For a traveler-kind-of-person, the biggest ambition is to keep oneself moving. He is not someone looking to build an empire of billions away at home. Nomadism will never die, nor traveling. The current era is digital, thus it is evolving as a digital nomad. It may come as a surprise that not all professions can fit into the trend of digital nomad lifestyle, but those who work to cater to online audience can lead a digital nomad kind of lifestyle.

Like freelancing, digital nomad trend is also into evolving phase. And they both are closely linked. As we all know being freelancer means no office, no bossing, no fixed schedules, only work and payments. However, freelancing doesn’t focus on traveling. It is more of like working from home or a friend’s place or a coffee shop. But when one makes traveling a way of life along with work, the term that comes out of fog is digital nomad. Freelancing involves working for clients but that could not be the case with digital nomads, many successful bloggers, website owners, start-up entrepreneurs take up roaming while working for themselves.

So if you want to be a digital nomad, the key is to become a successful freelancer. Though it takes a bit time but you can master it. Here go a few tips:

Your Niche: freelancing is not a rat race, though it seems. Identify your area of interest and start your work experience accordingly. You can choose from a variety of work ranges like SEO, SMO, content writing, digital marketing, etc.

Presence: build your presence online on sites like Quora,, Behance, etc. Good online presence reflects that you are internet savvy. It works as a resume for your clients.

Join and Explore: join various service marketplaces like fiverr, upwork, freelancer, etc. Also, search for your contacts through LinkedIn, FB and try to get some clients through the use of social networking site. Also many job sites like Craiglist, Quickr also help to get the work from the clients who aren’t active on service marketplaces. Actually, every country has some famous job search portals, like in India it is and on this portal it is easy to find freelancer jobs in India. So, the job search is better if one finds it in his own country than wasting too much time on service marketplaces. These marketplaces are meant for advanced type of freelancers if you are pragmatic enough to understand this.

Talk to Traditional Businesses: if you are finding tough to find a deal through the service marketplaces, devise a plan and show it to the businesses like digital marketing agencies or SME or luxury hotels or tour and travels. If they believe you, then you are sure through because they see more chances when you meet them in person. 

There are plenty of work profiles one can take up online, the only key is to dig bit deeper. Just come out of your comfort zone and your world will see a new world. You can travel in real without worrying much about your expenses. Preparing for digital nomad lifestyle isn’t that tough to crack on.