Top 5 Android Apps to Enhance a Freelancer’s Life

Since the advent of Smartphones, our life has become not only easy and fast but also tech rich. Smartphones enable apps which help us in better decisions without seeing internet on desktops. There are thousands of apps to help you and entertain you in day to day life. However, to boost the productivity at work or at personal levels, apps are lesser known to mass. We have brought you top five apps to help you in your basic chores. 
If you can’t track your work, then you cannot manage your work. Managing and tracking work on a daily basis needs a prodigious memory, and this proposition is really impossible in this tech-rich life where you are always on run. Cool down, this android App is for you, Todoist.

Features of Todoist App:
Figure out all your important tasks and through this App sync those tasks in all your devices, so that all your devices can remind you on time.
You can plan in advance – the limit is seven days.
You can name your tasks, as you make folders in your PC or tablets. You can categorize them as Shopping, Personal, Work, and Miscellaneous.

Send Anywhere

Does cloud storage sound clumsy to you? If so, then you would love this App. Through this app you can send content or files to any device, all you need is to pair it with the receiver device and put a six digit key and press send. To save your time, it doesn’t even ask you to log in.


Typing fast on devices is tough, especially among new tech lovers. This third party app gives you freedom to type anything in seconds and you can save your notes convincingly. You can sync this keyboard with your other devices and use it for a good speed test. This app more or less works on artificial intelligence, as it senses your speed and predicts what phrase you are going to put next.


As the title suggests, it will help you in setting focus on your work. The interface is easy to comprehend. You can set work sessions as this app works like a dad and a clock. You can also set breaks in between your work. Through this app you can disable all other distracting apps, plus check your time devoted to work or number of breaks you took.


This App is great for working professionals as this allows taking notes and pictures, recording video and audio clips, and you can send them across various platforms. It is rich with options like edit, share, and organize. The free version allows you to upload content up to 60 MB; however, for more space you can choose the paid one. 

You can always browse internet for these android apps download. Have suggestions or more to add, kindly let us know in the comments box. We’ll surely heed on it.