What are Some Good Ways to Write an Arresting Blog Post Title?

If the title is not arresting, then the body suffers. This goes for all, including bloggers. Writing arresting blog post titles is critical to later success of your blog. Yes it is bit tough but not impossible. Mostly bloggers, even the best ones, during their early days of blogging don’t heed much on writing catchy blog post titles, instead they think the body of the post should be well aligned with the relevant SEO keywords. However when traffic doesn’t shot up as per the writing efforts, your blogging spirit struggles to surface and you feel quite dejected. Well, worries not, there are a few smart tricks to win over the art of writing blog titles. 
Have an idea! Of course it always starts with an idea. Once you decide what your blog post is about. Open a keyword planner and start playing with the keywords. Find at least 3 keywords relevant to your blog post and try to merge them into your post without sounding fake or overworked.  

In next step, draft a tentative title for your post. Check its veracity in a good search engine like Google and Bing. You will definitely find similar or same topics already covered on various websites. Consider reading first 10 links and see how your title is placed according to the body of the post. You may also find your title overlapping with some already published titles. So, the advice is to tweak it.

Now you have to add spice in your title so it seems tweaked and original. Of course your body is original. The best tip is to play with numbers. You may put something like 11 reasons to blog…and so on.

If your article is written in paragraph form then consider playing with words like How toWhen to….My Top reasons to start blogging…etc.

Some of the best blog title templates to consider are:
11 Easy ways to ____________
My number # tip for ___________
How I utilized _______ to ____________
How you can ___________ by _____________
How I grew my _____________ in ___________ by __________
3 easy things you can do to _____________
The definitive guide to __________
How to _______ in # easy steps
9 top secrets to ___________
12 ways to __________

If you have some other fantastic ways for writing catchy titles, please let us know in the comment box.