What is the Basic Difference between Custom Content and Content Marketing?

Content is king! Well my question is what kind of content? You must be wondering that content is content that goes onto web for web pages, social feed, blogs, YouTube descriptions, E-books, etc. For readers, especially on internet, there are two types of content. One is custom content and another is content marketing. The world is becoming obsessed about generating good content but before that they should be able to recognize what sort of content they actually need. 
Let’s understand one by one.

What is custom content?

Custom content has been into use for over 100 years, way before internet. It is a direct content that talks about the product or services. It is so peculiar in nature that it focuses only on the existing customers, rather it is highly B2B oriented. Custom content updates the existing customer/user base regularly. 

It is obsessed with the brand’s identity. Thus, it always talk about the customer reviews, services range, brand history or so. This type of content is usually published directly by the brand or its agencies. The biggest demerit of custom content is that it doesn’t consider reader engagement and has nothing to do with acquiring new customers. In a sense, it is quite introvert by nature. Business communication is one such example of custom content.

What is content marketing?

On the other hand, content marketing focuses on AIDA (Awareness, interest, desire, action) concept. It has an extensive coverage, for its objective is to maximize the user engagement which further fulfills the agenda of obtaining leads through awareness and interest factor. Content marketing subtly promotes a brand. Its foremost agenda is to make the content likeable because when this happens users automatically begin following that brand that comes through that engaging content. Content marketing is bit aggressive form of marketing in the guise of digital marketing or awareness that promotes the custom content. Publishing content on various article websites and directories, releasing PR, or sharing content on social sites are all suggestive forms of content marketing. 

Content marketing works better than custom content and it is in great demand nowadays because of the following reasons:

  • Businesses are constantly in search of new leads and inquiries
  • Content marketing is cheaper than traditional publishing
  • It is easy to voice and survey a brand through content marketing
  • Content marketing is digital hence sharing to cross boundaries is not only easy but accessible too
  • Content marketing platforms differ in audience volumes and it hardly expires
  • It is always needed for B2C rapport. Though it is insular but seems selfless.