Why is it important to have Traffic from India?

India, a land of 1.3 billion mass, will need whopping amount of content writers to support its knowledge-oriented economy in the times to come. The strength of India lies in its population, because this huge chunk accounts for overall consumer behavior. If you talk about India’s internet market size – it is already an 11 billion plus industry. 

Some of the stats will make you believe that as a blogger you need to have traffic from this country if you have plans to grow in the ever-evolving world of blogging. 
  • With over 500 million internet users in India, it is likely that the numbers will become double before 2025.
  • It is the largest internet market in the world. Number of citizens using the internet, ahead of China and USA, is well over 50 crores.
  • Currently, 34 percent of its total population is under the belt of internet penetration.
 Scope for Bloggers:

Segments like travel, e-commerce and online classifieds have been dominating the market for last some years. In the time ahead, E-commerce will dominate the search queries. With e-commerce and travel as a prominent part of internet market, there will be tremendous capacity for fashion, review, and travel bloggers.

Telecom landscape has changed since the entry of JIO and there is a stressed focus on data packs, as they are going to be a major source of revenue for telecom companies, since voice calling is going free with all service providers. Telecom industry has also affected the phone market, as a result Smartphones are available cheaply and the presence of 2G, 3G and 4G technology is something that keeps users engaged no matter where they belong to.

Hindi and English are widely spoken. Hindi is going to be the next digital language, after English. Hence nowadays Google is encouraging people to have a blog in Hindi. Especially the rural online users rely more on Hindi, and with the voice search the need of typing keywords in the English language is seeing a decline. Google is also fast adopting regional and local languages across the world. So, language doesn’t matter, if one could blog. 

Digital India is a now household topic. Government is trying hard to empower the people of India with the digital technology. As a result people will remain connected and sharing of ideas will be a lot easier.

So, bloggers will act as a source of information at both levels: institute and personal. Thus, bloggers need to keep in mind keywords that fetch good amount of traffic from India. Use Google Adwords and Google Trend or Think with Google tools plan your write-ups.  

India will definitely influence the world web. If a website is not getting traffic from India, then it may never pull off good ranking.