5 Incredible Tips for Newbie Fashion Bloggers

Fashion is an evergreen word. Could be for this reason, it is the most popular choice for blogging niche after travel. So, most of us, during the early days of blogging, aspire to be a famous fashion blogger so that very soon we taste the success and roam around the world like a digital nomad. Many take this route, however a very few bloggers survive the endurance. Well, if you are a fashion blogger or thinking to be one, then this post may help you set up your feet.

                                              Image Credit: mediabistro.com

Stick to the following tips and soon you see yourself as a successful fashion blogger. No kidding, I am quite serious. 

Decide a Subtopic:

You must be wondering fashion is already a topic, then why a topic again. I mean to say subtopic, as fashion is vast. To start your blogging career, cover one by one topic, for you cannot write a variety of fashions thrice a week. Be a subject matter expert. Take fashion as your subject that will fetch you money afterwards, not like school or college grades. Take it seriously, for example, chose shoes or sunglasses, do a thorough research, read daily tips and guides. You need to broaden your knowledge base because once you learnt it wisely and deeply, and then in the time to come you will not need rigorous training, only updates to prepare a post.

Photos, the more the Merry:

Fashion is best explained with the help of pictures. To compliment the content about a pencil skirt, you definitely need a few exciting pictures so that readers can connect or imagine the same on their bodies. Start learning about photography; make stock of many online magazines along with traditional magazines. Explain every move of a fashion tip with a picture otherwise it is just a plain text for many users. There are many websites that offer free resource of images – take images from there to avoid copyright hassles. Stealing content or images is a straight no in blogging.   

Reader Oriented:

Many a time immature bloggers talk most about their fashion experience rather focusing on the main subject. If you are talking about tie tips, better give straight information, you can cite some examples of Hollywood or sports personalities or any other famous personality for that matter. Some crazy bloggers blabber about their girlfriend or boyfriend fashion styles. Don’t do that. In simple words, leave solipsism behind, and take out the ‘I factor’ when writing for readers.  

Contact some Local Brands:

To portray more practical experience in your writing about fashion categories, it will be better if you contact some of the local brands for understanding fashion jargons, stocks, types of images and style statements. In simple words, be involved with some brands at personal level. Share your writing experience with the brands and try to feature them in your posts frequently, however don’t expect remuneration benefits initially. Instead when your blog scales up good height and gains some fame, then promote local or domestic brands to incentivize your blog; it can be a good source of income.


Follow others blog, have subscriptions to fashion blogs sites, attend shows, read about famous designers, take their interviews, often go to stores or explore online e-commerce fashion portals. And for more lively experience you can fall back on the expertise of social media sites, like there are plenty of fashion bloggers on Instagram with awe-inspiring catalogues.

You can be a fashionista over a good spell of time, however evolving yourself as a rapidly rising fashion blogger can test your destiny.