5 Possible Symptoms of Blogging Madness

People take up blogging because they get affected by it. However, only a few successful bloggers know blogging is all about lunacy of a long-distance runner. It is like test cricket, it checks the true potential of your mettle. People with shallow hearts but with big dreams often go empty handed after struggling for some years. But the game of blogging supports those who never leave their track, no matter what hardship comes in their way. So, in a sense blogging is madness and the secret is that if you can handle it, you are through.

Well, blogging is madness and it is catching up. However, if you experience the following traits or symptoms, it is quite likely that you are suffering from Blogging Madness. To an extent it is beneficial but after that it may turn you an insomniac or dreadfully hungry for success – that is obsession.

Blogging Success is a Joke for Me:

Newbie bloggers either leave blogging within first three months or turn obsessive about it (if they don’t leave). The point is, when newbie bloggers stick to blogging they take it overconfidently. For this reason, they consider blogging success mere a joke for them. Often they get thoughts like: I am going to be very successful with my blog that the world will turn against me. I am too talented to run this blog. 

Imagining success with an equal proportion of hard work is a virtue but too much imagination of success is just another name for day dreaming.

I am the Content King:

Newbie bloggers who also happen to be obsessive often don’t believe in the idea of finding a proper niche. They brazenly think something like this – I can write on any topic, in fact on many topics in a single day. Niche and all that matter is a talk of sophisticated people.

I remember once I wrote 60 posts on a variety of topics to start a blog on many topics but when I did some research about niche importance I found myself at loss. To compensate my efforts I had to use those articles in article submission sites to get back links for this site – worldzfake.com – which is loosely based on Internet related things.

Well, where most of the bloggers remain tense about providing frequent content, these mad bloggers take generating too much content as a breezy affair.

I am the Best Blogger:

After knowing about others success in the blogging world, people feel envious and regret for not starting blogging earlier. It is a general fact that most of the people take up blogging after knowing others perks. In this scenario, the early birds, as they are high on self-belief, always think they can outpace any well-established blogger in a matter of few months. For them, in blogging there are no ground realities. 

Designing or SEO doesn’t Matter:

They just need a free blogging platform and rest will be explained during the big interviews. So, quite obvious blogging madness is about counting the numbers, making money and name. For them, petty things like SEO or Designing of the website or user experience is least cared. ‘Just Do It’ – is the only right thing in blogging. Early bloggers voluntarily assume just writing will help them, no other factors. In a sense, they are right but not cultivated. They mean to convey: write a huge farm of content and search engines will be forced crawling your content for any tom, dick and harry keyword.

Guest Posting is based on the Lines of Capitalism:

People with blogging madness are self-centred; they cannot see themselves writing high quality content for some other famous websites. Rather they believe in publishing that content on their blog for long-term benefits since they believe that one day their blog will be a famous one. Also, they feel that guest blogging has its roots in capitalism where only few enjoy the fruits while rest till hard.

Initially blogging treats everyone roughly but as the time passes and you stick to it, the outcomes begin to differ and a point comes when everything begins favouring you. As a successful blogger, you can be a digital nomad, people take you as a source of inspiration, and you make money as a smart silent man. Blogging world is far better than traditional world of commerce. And yes, it does demand madness that’s why it’s catching up.