My Story: Why I could not grow as a Travel Blogger?

I have been blogging for over 5 years now. But I didn’t get much success as a blogger, though I am still doing it, as being a blogger means to never give up. The reason behind this failure was very simple: I couldn’t decide with a good mind what could be my favorite theme, I mean to say, a niche for blogging. I remember starting a travel blog on without travelling much. Not only this, I started writing about Africa and Thailand tourism where I had never been to. To write on these countries, I did some research and read a few articles and managed to produce something very ordinary. Next, I tried writing about Rajasthan tourism, to your consternation I had never been to that state either. Clearly, lack of travelling etiolated my travel blog and one gloomy day I deleted it to never see it again. Yes, nowadays I travel almost every month but still I don’t blog about travel. I think the true reason behind is that I am not meant for travel blogging neither this niche entice me anymore. I have noticed a very peculiar characteristic among new bloggers that they all wanted to be a travel blogger so that they can lead a digital nomad kind of lifestyle. My suggestion, ground realities differ widely from our aspirations. Good point I didn’t chase it like a wild hunter.
When I was working for real estate companies in New Delhi as a content writer, that time real estate sector was emerging like never before. So, being in the line I started, out of my curiosity, a real estate blog where I used to write about world-level real estate news and home decoration tips. Again I was blogging for real estate niche without having any concrete plans for future. Rather I got influenced by the growth of the real estate sector so much that I thought very soon I would start getting guest blogging and advertising offers from many top real estate companies. However long before my blog could flourish, the real estate sector began declining. I had to change my job such were the circumstances. Here the important point to learn is that the reason behind real estate blogging was my avaricious aspirations. Could be the niche was right for that time but it had hollow future and most importantly I was blogging forcibly. I wanted to blog to make profits and this particular aspect was suppressing my quality being brought into writing. So, finally I did not renew my real estate blog’s domain and let it decay as today I have no interest in reviving that blog. I considerably wasted a year while chasing that blog.

Despite all this, a blessing in disguise gladdened my heart. I have been a voracious reader of novels since my school days. I read a lot of books personally and during my blogging fiasco days I never left reading books, I still read. I had lot of books in mind whose reviews were awaiting outing. To show the world what I read and what I think about those books, I started a book review blog. I started it casually, for first 6 to 7 months I wrote book reviews which I had read during my schooldays, and also I was never consistent with my publishing schedule. In 3 years time I was able to post around 200 book reviews, mostly about the famous Indian writers and their books. Now my blog ranks on around 564 keywords. I still blog on this book review site and never ask myself why I am doing this. Perhaps, book reading is inherited deep down in my habit hence writing a book’s review is no sort of big business for me. Moreover, it is something that comes from my instinct. So as a blogger working as per your instincts is as important as selecting a theme for blogging. One thing that I have learnt about blogging over a time is that it cannot be done forcibly. You need inspiration, not nudging. You need to fall in love with your niche. Kindly, retrospect before plunging into the world of blogosphere. You must be wondering about the name of the book review blog. Here it is –

Thank you folks…