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3 Ways that will Help you to Sell Anything on Social Media

The digital world is mostly about social media – social networking. You, me, and in fact whosoever knows internet is enjoying the fruits of being online. Social media is such a charming piece of pie that hardly anyone can ignore it. Because it suits well to our basic human urge – that is to share and interact and show. However the direct question is: can you sell on social media or know how to sell on social media? We all accept selling is tough because it shows we are bit selfish or interested in making money all the time even on social sites where people come to enjoy, connect, and learn in the least sense. Well if you can master the art of indirect selling then there is no platform better than social media. Heed on the below mentioned tips to use social media as a selling platform.

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Keep a Healthy Approach in Place:

Being present there isn’t enough. From small businesses to large ones and everything in between think that being present on social sites is enough to get huge orders or high-potential leads. Sorry, that’s not the case. There is a term call social media optimization (SMO), which means you need a strategy to use it effectively, posting anything and anytime will never bring healthy results. Discover all the leading social sites, explore their features, limitations and benefits, and then chart out your plans to use. For example, many companies or bloggers or artists create their FB pages but fail to increase the ‘Likes’ because they don’t know what to publish and when. Things go haphazardly.

Be Known to Your Prospects – Project your Knowledge Base:

Not all things are for everyone. It means you have a specific target audience and you should be able to discover where it can be found. To identify your prospects, one of the best and simple methods is exploring the groups of Facebook and LinkedIn and communities on Google+, Tumblr and Instagram. Once you are connected to your relevant segment of audience, it means half of the game is won. Being relevant means people will listen and respond to your activities and may also show up interest. Also, Like, Comment, Share and Participate in their causes or campaigns, when you voice your thoughts to them they reciprocate. On social media no one likes introvert kind of people. If you are too much introvert you better be with Tumblr, it is best known for introverts and millennial.

Be a Face of Community/Group:

Once you are into the community, try to drill down your impact. For example if you are connected with writers or authors then you should be able to help them with their related things like book marketing, book reviews, publishing agent help, etc. Same goes for every community – other examples are travel, SEO, Social media, blogging, etc. the list is endless. Think what you can do for them. They should know when to approach you and what solutions you can really come up with. In a nutshell, develop a relationship with your friends and followers it makes way for sales because when you are seen as an expert for a subject, people automatically think about you. They talk about you, trust you and buy from you. But you need to be genuine all the time – no bluffing.

Though there can be other many ways to sell on social media, however I feel these three points make the most of contribution. Feel free to suggest your voice in the comments section.


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