5 Best Content Marketing Website for South Asian Bloggers

If you wish to be a famous blogger, I am sure you cannot achieve this feat by overlooking the need of content marketing. Since the magic of SEO is dwindling, the need of content marketing is rising like a legendary bird. Guest posting and writing articles for other websites are two game changers for you. Other than publishing content on your own website, if you fail to write for others, then things of rewards will come not on time.

The digital world is full of blogging and article submission sites; however, many websites (though they are good) bully their loyal users in the guise of strict submission guidelines and high-quality content. Either they will reject your content by giving any illogical excuse or take weeks to make it published. This attitude doesn’t work anymore because blogging has spread across the world. People from any country, irrespective to their language and economy, can get online to start blogging and can make money. India and Malaysia are two fine examples.

Well, as an ambitious blogger you always wished to publish your content straight away without falling in the traps of rejections or delays. Here are five websites/platforms where you can publish your content in the flickering of an eye. And these platforms or websites are sounding helpful for those bloggers who come from non-English background, mostly from South Asia.

                                                       Image Credit: turbofuture.com

The major purpose of this website is to provide a platform for Q&A sort of content. It has over 100 million users and the reading ratio on this website is very high. You can either answer the questions posted by others or ask your question and write the answer. From the feed you can select up to 15 topics, well you can search for more in the search bar, yes you can write on any topic. If you wish to leverage your potential, you can definitely start a blog on this platform – it is available free of cost – here everything is free of cost. In your answers you can put anchored text, for this reason it is best.  Also, you can follow people, topics and questions and if your answers are good and impressive soon you will have a long list of followers. All famous bloggers are on Quora, since they all know its value and role in bringing traffic. Its world rank is around 139.

Hub Pages:

It is an amazing website for bloggers. It was started in 2006 and in 2014 it bought Squidoo, one of its major competitors. Once you are logged in you can write in different capacity for different categories like Article, Answers, Forum, and Feed. You can write for a variety of subjects and can also earn money by implementing Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing programs. The sense of freedom is real here. From poems to asking questions to full-fledged articles, you can write for all with no specific word limit. Explore it for better optimization.

It was founded in 2012. The aim of this website is to promote or encourage social journalism, where professional and amateur bloggers or writers come together for reading and writing. Yes, everyone can write their story but the well written ones are picked up for feed. Even if your story is not featured, well then also you get good response from the readers. More than writing this website is famous for high quality read. ‘Write Your Story’ is the button for publishing your content. You can tag your favourite topics for having a relevant feed. This is highly recommended for very good writers. Here, your content gets published instantly. 


Many might know but you can publish a full-fledged article in LinkedIn instantly. Log in and see options like ‘Write an Article’. Many known businessmen often pen down their thoughts and receive response from thousands of viewers. LinkedIn articles very soon get crawled up by search engines – this really is a plus point. No submission, no bullying, just write what you feel like to.


This is the only social networking site where you can do multiple things and maintaining a blog or publishing a full length article is quite easy. Tumblr is best for personal content.