5 Secrets of Successful Bloggers Which they never Reveal

Event today blogging is an equivocal career option for many because it is wrapped with many myths. However successful bloggers always talk about their success stories, incomes or new topics but they hardly cover up difficulties that they faced when they were struggling hard.

Blogging is not for Everyone:

Blogging is spreading like an easy-to-use technology, people know it is easy to start blogging, and they also assume making money through blogging is not a rocket science. The overall assumption indicates that people have taken blogging mainly for one reason and that is to generate income. However, that’s not the case. Around only 1 % bloggers have advanced to make money and they are successful bloggers.

In a nutshell, blogging is not for everyone, especially who think that it can add a passive source of income to main one. If you desire to make money through blogging, you need to take it seriously.

Your Audiences Set You Right when you Talk to Them:

As a new blogger you tend to think a lot, that’s quite obvious. However it takes years to identify what your audiences want and that you can only know by talking to them. If a post of yours receives positive comments, then it is a positive sign for you that you need to publish that kind of content to get more audiences. Publishing anything that comes to mind will not lead you anywhere; you will be lost figuring out your mistakes. When you talk to your users or readers, you identify what they are looking for on your blog. For example, on a book review blog you cannot write about political news. Ultimately your users are book readers, publishers and authors. 

Around 1 % of your Audience Brings Business:

Why do we have bounce rate? Because many browse your website and those who find your website irrelevant or inefficient to their needs immediately turn away. Not every visitor is your lead or going to click on your ads. Only the needy one will stick to your website and your income will come from that very small percentage of users. Many bloggers who blog about blogging sell e-books about a variety of topics on their blog but only a handful of users buy those books. It shows how much percentage works for you.  

Your Passion and Blogging Niche are Two Different Things:

One of the bitterest truths associated with blogging is to grope for a right niche. Many people land up writing number of topics on a single blog or run numbers of blogs with no special focus on any one blog. This attitude wastes their time. Your blogging topic should be commercially feasible otherwise making money from that is impossible. You might be passionate about pets but it doesn’t guaranty that it is one of the trending or promising topics to be blogged about.

It is a Lonely Way:

Blogging is lonely because it involves writing. You need to be regular in writing content and sharing your links on social sites. People will not write for you unless you pay them. You might miss friends’ parties or long drives or vacations in the mountains. Though you can travel as a digital nomad but can never deviate from working. Those who endure this lonely route, never give up, or by no means let their spirits down, ultimately emerge as winners. By any means blogging is not an easy hunt.