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5 Tips that will Testify Your Blogging Instinct

Unlike other professions, to become a blogger is comparatively easy, and many become blogger as soon as they discover the process. However the question is how you will testify whether you are going to stick with blogging or not? Well, here is a small list of virtues & deeds that can indicate your blogging future. It may differ from person to person.

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You are a Creative Person:

You are instinctively creative by nature since your schooldays or very early time. You always wished to do things as per your ideas or imagination. Those who imagine can actually perform better than others. They know how to tweak or draw inspiration from simple-looking aspect. Well in blogging case, you know what topics to write on and what theme will appeal most, etc. You generally speak to your heart thus feel empowered with creativity. 

You can Work without a Mentor:

You have a deep sense of realization that for blogging you cannot join a coaching class or go back to your favourite school teacher. You just do some online research and start working on your model of blogging. You know yourself and you instantly decide your blogging niche or start writing a post without having advice from your friends or family members. Often advice either delays the task or influences the real idea.  

You Wish to Get Paid as per your Work and Efforts:

Before blogging you must have been working in a 9-5 job where dredging up a good salary increment is a monumental task as companies’ slabs are fixed. No matter what you achieve, they are never happy to hand you a 10% growth ratio. Well, at blogging you know what your limit is and how you can pull that off. You work as per your set goals. You believe in getting paid for your time and work, you aren’t a mediocre who dwells happily on a fiddling increment year after year.  

You are a Quiet Person:

Tumblr is a micro blogging platform and has the most number of introvert users on it. You can actually guess from the nature of content. You are quiet not because you hate socializing or togetherness but excessive talking burns you out. You find solace in quietness, it recharges you. If you can sit quiet for hours, means you can write articles calmly, with no avocations at all.

You Crave a Flexible Work Schedule:

Being a money-generating blogger it is indeed fun to have your own work time, plus no bossing around. Isn’t? Yes, you have chosen blogging for the very first reason: you need no bossing. If you are somebody who thinks that working as per your set time gives you thrill and ballast, then blogging was always meant for you. You are right on the path.

Well, there can be many reasons for choosing blogging; however, the above stated reasons suit best to my way of thinking. It can be different from one person to another. What’s your?


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