5 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog

Bounce rate is nothing but running away of users from a blog/site as soon as they land or see the first page. It is an omen sign for bloggers and online marketers. It is as bad as people thronging in a shop but buying nothing. A blogger’s task doesn’t finish at the point of attracting a huge number of traffic. Rather, it is advisable to control your bounce rate for a steady success.

                                                       Image Credit: ringgitplus.com

Lengthy + Redundant Content:

Before settling as a full-time blogger, I worked with number of digital agencies in Delhi NCR nearly for four years. One aspect that I found common among all agencies was that they all remained obsessed about word count. In a sense, they acted as a content farm for their clients who wish to rank higher in the search engines. Content quality is never an issue for them; they always preferred lengthy articles and posts over the meaningful and quality content. Why? For them more word count means more density of keywords, which might rank their content high. It was an old trick. However, now the trick has been changed from lengthy content to meaningful content.

Never assume a bulk of content will keep your audiences or new users tied to your website. Users are smart, first they notice the headline and then they browse through the highlighted points. Also, if the content is meaningless or off-putting, people will avoid seeing your blog next time. A blogger should make sense.

Too much Technical Content:

If you know writing, then kindly put your knowledge in simple words so that the people who aren’t like you can understand you to become like you. I normally go through number of blogs to fetch ideas or inspiration for my blogs, however most of the time I find others content either too technical or full of promotional stuff, for example for content syndication use this and that plug-in or software. Using complimentary stuff for enhancement is another matter. First of all, relay the information in a simple way. No one likes reading a technical blog unless it is very urgent.

Use Good Images:

It is an overused tip for new bloggers. All bloggers know to use good and impressive images and info graphics but still many don’t do that. That’s quite human.

Format it Properly:

Your published post must look professional. Many bloggers use different types of fonts and styles. They tend to heed not on the uniformity and even if they want to make it, they just don’t know how to do. Well, one simple trick is copy your content into notepad, then again copy it on word file, and format it by deciding its font size and font face. For more information, please visit some tutorials online.    

If Possible Put Videos:

Inserting a video in every piece of content is not possible. However it is recommended for fashion, travel, sports, tutorial bloggers, etc.  And also put social media icons just in case someone likes your post should be able to share it.