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5 Ways to Hold Yourself Firm after Losing your Regular Job

When people change jobs things fall in a cycle i.e. serving notice period, consent on full and final settlement, and joining the new company with new roles. In other words, there is an element of planning. How about the just opposite situation where you have been told to resign or fired with no immediate benefits? This is the time when depression creeps inside our soul, mind and heart. Well, the solution is to fight back.

At this point of time you need to be calm and heed on the following aspects which will help you to fetch a new job sooner.

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Rake up your References:

Finding a new job takes time especially when you have been fired recently. If you are in touch with your old colleagues or friends who are working in the same city in different companies, then talk to them about your new hunt. Having some verbal references helps in landing a new job.

Let the People know your Condition:

Pass message to all people who are connected to you through phone, emails, and social sites like FB, LinkedIn, etc. Possibly you may get a live reference without wasting time on job sites. Possibly, send them messages personally and on LinkedIn keep a tab as many companies keep posting jobs there.

Work on your Resume:

Find some sample resumes associated with your field and then update your resume. Add all the things that you have learnt in your just-left company. Give a fresh look to it and prepare some good make believes for the reason of change of job. Update your resume on all top job portals and get back to some of the old emails received from employers, write to them, see if they are still looking out for that position. Also, evaluate your profile and roles practically. Delete some roles (if needed) that you think are cluttering your profile. Only keep the helpful aspects.

How to Utilize the Current Time:

At this point of time depression sets easily in our mind and heart, so the utilization of the current time loses its value. Work on your major skills, read a book related to your field, hone up your communication ways and prepare a set of mock Q & A. Keep yourself busy, if you think more about the past then overcoming the patches of bad times leads to drain.

Financial Outlook:

Never ignore your financial position when you lose the job. Count for how many months you can survive on your savings or the secondary source of income. If your situation is crunchy, then better seek a part time job and keep your job hunt on.


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