5 Websites that Pay for Testing Websites

Working from home is still a far-off dream for many. However, if you are determined to find some really good hacks online, then getting a chance to work from the comfort of your home is not tough. Freelance blogger and content writer, SEO, SMO, graphic designers are some common forms of work-from-home jobs. Well, there is one more to be added in the list and that is Website Tester.

                                                          Image Credit: precisetestingsolution.com

Website Tester sounds absurd but it really is a job. A very easy job, but tough to find. Well, going by the simple definition, a website tester thoroughly goes through the website, checks it user interface, content readability, design feasibility, how it looks on desktop and on other gadgets, etc. And if any flaw or awry thing found, then it is reported back to the concern person.

Well, to get started you need a laptop/desktop, high speed internet connection and a webcam (which will be used seldom), and also sound knowledge of English because you will be required to send the website report in writing.

Here is the list of 5 Websites/Companies that will pay you for reviewing or testing the websites:

Testing Time:

The website is: www.testingtime.com
Here one study takes time between 30 to 90 minutes. You may get up to $ 50. Payment mode is Paypal.

User Test:

The website URL is: https://usertest.io/
It is a review website, as a tester you need to write reviews of the given websites with no time limit. They pay around 10 Pounds for/review. Payment mode is Paypal.


The website URL is: http://www.enrollapp.com/
This website says: let’s make web a better place. Sign up and start reviewing websites or apps that are yet to be out. You get firsthand experience before they are out for mass. Payment mode is Paypal. How much they pay isn’t clear but they pay for sure. Kindly visit, sign up and see the exact amount you can expect.

Start Up Lift:

The website URL is: http://startuplift.com/
Here your main job is to provide feedback for the websites. For each accepted feedback you get $ 5. Payment mode is Paypal.


The website URL is: http://www.analysia.com
You will be given some instructions to take tests, where on a website you will perform some research or tests. The whole session will be recorded – it will be like a video for the later viewers. Minimum length for one test is around 15 minutes. For each test you will take, you get around $10. Payment mode is Paypal.

I am sure there will be hundreds of websites for website testing. However a word of caution is to sign up to see and feel the overall experience and read reviews before taking up any test.