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6 Reasons Why Writers Shouldn’t Work with Digital Marketing Agencies

There was a time when digital marketing agencies in India were thriving like a magic figure. That time internet was not so new but online marketing and SEO kind of things were new and taking shapes. That time small, medium, and big – in fact all types of businesses trusted digital marketing agencies and outsourced their work but the results were not so handsome every time. A decade later digital marketing companies are in shackles, either shutting down or have minimum work. You must have observed nowadays most of the companies keep an in-house team for online marketing because they know digital agencies are perfidious.
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As a content writer it is a bad idea to work with digital agencies. Well there are some peculiar reasons in its support.  

Inexperienced and Cheaply Hired SEO People:

The work of SEO people is here to find mechanically keywords or keyword phrases – whether it is logical or not that is not their cup of tea – they see it is popping up from somewhere and that is all for them.

Secondly, on the name of the keyword density they literally count the keywords in the post or content. They want the keywords in the content by hook or by crook. If you as a content writer try to modify some keywords for the sake of better usage and grammar rules, that is strictly not allowed. Many SEO people assume content writing is just the other name of data typing.

Illiterate Digital Marketing Heads:

The persons who set guidelines for content writers and SEO are digital marketing heads/leads. They can hardly communicate in English. They are good at running PPC ads or using grammar applications for random inspections but they always fail to understand that the English language is a funny language; an application cannot do justice to thought process. Most of these digital marketing people get jobs after taking a small 3-4 month course from any local institute. The proposition is very simple. If a digital marketer cannot communicate in English, then he cannot understand and imply a right strategy for brand concern because English is the language of the digital world. This illiteracy is the main reason behind the dwindling of digital marketing agencies in India. Once, a digital head told me to write hundred articles in three days. Can you imagine his subject knowledge?

No Value for Creativity:

They don’t care about your past achievements or future aspirations. Except the writers, you will never find them speaking about books, authors, or any sort of literature or creativity hacks. One typical mentality is: they cannot see writers brooding for topics. For them, it is a waste of time. A writer means always typing something or other in the screen. 

Content Farming:

As a content writer with a digital marketing company my daily target was to produce 3000 words. Keep giving them content and you will be safe. Also, for all sorts of content pieces words are decided. You can exceed a little bit but less is never acceptable. 500 words for articles, 700 words for blogs, etc. and online and offline descriptions are the peskiest thing for a writer. You just can’t get away.

If you write well but fall little short of daily word count, you will be told to increase the quantity over quality. A dip in the quality is fine however lesser word count can be a matter of conviction for you.

Editors are Awkward:

It is funny to see that people are afraid of editors. It is another league altogether. Editors think that they are indefatigable warriors in the field of digital marketing. Their roles are indispensable. They pretend a lot but are hallow from inside, they are devoid of true grammar rules or writing standards, also they assume it is inferior to be a writer under any editor.

Work Distribution is Partial:

Fresh writers are given to finish more work than the already settled average writers. Also, if somebody happens to be a good writer, chances are that he/she will be overworked.

A writer with bohemian attitude will never tolerate to work with people who are more on show-off and less on creativity. It is a trademark of a good writer. And those who tolerate are dabblers.


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