7 Tips that Will Heal you If You Failed at Blogging

The toughest time in our life is when we refuse to accept the pain that is right in front of us. But still with time we learn to accept. Does this shibboleth is always true for adverse time. Probably not! So, for anyone passing through bad time the biggest challenge is to accept that one is passing through a rough time. This realization might sound depressive but works if your mind is open. The idea is not to think repeatedly that what would happen next. Well, wait for some time; if you are running out of time because your dreams are getting delayed, then it is the time when you seriously need a sense of time. This virtue makes you realize what time you are living in. No matter how hard you try but if time isn’t smiling on you then it all looks scrambling.

                                                       Image Credit: thejoyofliving.co

Handling the bad patch is an art. But you can handle it. Just, be brave at heart.

Take a dig at your past life:

Learning from the past life’s activities is critical to future success. How you fared with the given opportunities or what was your plan B for the missed events. Focus more on good memories, how you emerge like a winner out of that relationship mud or from a bad boss. Past life suggests two aspects, one is that life is all about moving on rather weeping and secondly, many things happen to set things in future. So, we can say whatever happens, happen for the best.

It’s time to rest or retrieve for a while:

At times, rough time is a signal to rest or retrieve in life. Don’t plunge into hasty decisions day in, day out, rather rest for some time. Relax and live a good life at your home. You might feel that the pace of life has come to a standstill. Yes it is, but that’s what you need. At times, life gives you rest in the form of illness, delay, or rough time – when nothing runs in your favour. However, never feel that you are about to lose all that you have made so far. Staying positive is also one of the tasks to be taken care of during rough patches.


If you are not a travel freak, then you need to be one. Travelling is one of the time-tested ways to shoo away the boredom from life. Travel to a place where you can feel or see the real nature like snow-clad mountains, dark jungles, a serene river side or unrelenting beachside. You know nature absorbs negative vibes from our body and mind. Thus, we feel fresh and true to ourselves. Spend some time there – try to feel what nature’s tune is.

Read Books:

Reading is a good hobby that can heal your time-ravaged wounds. To feel being a part of the story is a nice feeling, and when the book gets over you definitely think about the story line and try to relate the story or sub plots are some or other way related to your life or not.

Meet, Call, or Gift:

Meet or call your old friends (preferably from school, college or first company) whom you have not seen for years due to any reasons. Try to gift them the thing which you always promised to them but couldn’t due to any reasons.

Be Calm:

You need absolute peace of mind at this time of life. So, don’t indulge in fights or ego clashes, not even discuss your old dustups you had with anyone.

See a Beggar:

Sit beside a road-side beggar and donate him some food or cash and learn from his time that your time is still a good one and you can improve.

Be open to options like chatting and entertainment (movies). And please don’t listen to sad music. Go for long walks and eat good food.

Passing through rough time is an exercise, where you constantly need to remind yourself that you can get up again and keep yourself positive and fresh for the new challenges.