7 Ways to Grab Freelance Writing Opportunities from LinkedIn

Getting a good job or regular flow of work as a freelancer or digital nomad basically requires three aspects: Profile, Knowledge and Projection. Well, if you can portray yourself positively and strong on LinkedIn, then getting paid clients without falling in the depressing traps of service marketplaces is easy.
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Put your Honest Resume:
If you are serious about getting freelance writing projects, then taking LinkedIn as a light social platform is a big mistake. For freelancers in the search of genuine clients and good flow of work LinkedIn is the best bet. In fact, better than service marketplaces. Put your A to Z work experience there with details like roles and responsibilities, tenure, achievements, company name, etc. because in the professional world this platform has no match.

Add a Work Portfolio Link:
As an experienced writer you can always choose to make your work portfolio online, as there are plenty of websites where you can register the best links or samples. One of the fringe advantages of online portfolio is that all your work can be seen at one spot. Just share the URL and you don’t need to explain your profile every time a client approaches you or vice versa. In a nutshell, get a link as soon as possible – it is better to show than explaining each time.

Be Clear with your Words:
Write clearly about your skills and mainstream work profile. In the case of multi-skills, it is better to list out separately. Use authoritative words like handled, performed and done efficiently over meek phrases like can do or will put best efforts.

Make Use of Work Sample Feature:
Under the Experience Tab, you will find options like: Upload and Link to Media
Upload: Under Upload option, you can put a word, pdf or PPT file to show as a sample of your work.
Link to Media: Under Link to Media you can submit URLs of your work, like online work portfolio, etc. Like I have done: https://goo.gl/823iYw

Be Regular in the Feed:
‘Publish a Post’ is a way to write and publish an article in LinkedIn, which further guarantees your writing skills. Apart from this, share your best work links in the feed, be there regular, people should begin familiarizing with your links and the type of work you do. As a cardinal rule, like, comment and share others work, in return people will think about you.  

Join Relevant Groups:
Not many know that, Like Google+ Communities and Facebook Groups, groups do exist in LinkedIn. You can find them in the tab called ‘More’. SMO, SEO, Writers, Freelancers, etc. can find many groups relevant to their expertise. Join them, initiate conversation, share links and wait for the reactions. It is a good way to obtain projects from overseas or abroad clients.  

Connect with More People:
Connect with more people, more the connections, far the reach would be. Don’t take time in accepting others request - send them a welcome note for more rewarding results. Whether it is a new or old connection treat every connection with warm and holistic approach.


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