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How to Behave in Your New Office after a Failed Freelancing Stint?

Returning to normal working life after a failed freelancing affair needs some cooling time. And that is the time when we all think about various possibilities before joining any new place, like an office or a warehouse. Questions like what kind of people will be there, whether they would like a new colleague or not, etc. gallop through our mind. Well, things can turn out both ways, you never know. You can only guess about them. However, there are ways to cope up in the new office environment and see things and people that can help you in the long run.

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Discover the Meeting Point:

A good office keeps separate space for many things like lunch room, pantry or coffee dug out, meeting cabins and more. Favourite meeting points are coffee drinking place. So, find out that area where you can go for a coffee or tea and speak to one or more persons. If you found conversing at the appropriate meeting point, then people will not notice you or will not take you other way, especially a finicky boss.

Be open to Snack:

Snack sharing is a common trend among office people. Be open to give and take policy. If you are not comfortable accepting snack then refuse them politely with plausible make believes like ‘I am on dieting or currently recovering from an illness’.

Be Positive:

Your energy level determines your productivity. Be positive about your work and career chances that you will get from your current job stance. If you see employees who are good at spreading negativity, then beware of them. These kind of people never leave their job but make others lose their job by talking continuously about negative things about the company like salary, attitude of management, office politics, leg pulling etc.

Also, never seek suggestions from an employee who is serving a notice period. About-to-go employees try to pull others along with them. When they leave, they think that as many as employees should leave the company.

Never Indulge in Gossiping:

Gossiping can be of many types. So, never comment about anyone’s work or office timings. Let that be handled by your company management. Passing remarks about others characters or affairs or physical appearance is pure gossiping. Better talk about sports, movies, or hold a general discussion about the current affairs. This way you can stay away from the devil of gossiping.

Go out for Meals and Parties:

Being reclusive doesn’t work in the office culture. No one helps a reclusive person. An office is a place where a lone wolf cannot survive. So, be open to office parties or trips and go out for meals with your immediate colleagues. Going for a walk or lunch with someone helps in cheering your mind. Also, stay away from people who are always sulky.

Don’t Hide from Your Boss:

Often go to your boss and alternate questions between work-related things and his personal life. Boss likes when juniors care about his feelings and personal life. Don’t annoy your boss with silly questions. If you remain hidden from your boss for longer time, then he may begin chasing you and that’s not a healthy sign to sustain in a corporate culture.


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