How Today Blogging is Different from 2012?

When I started my career as a content writer, I was literally afraid of SEO people, though I learnt the nuances of blogging from them. SEO people taught me how to blog on different platforms like Wordpress and BlogSpot. They were good with their knowledge but I disliked them because they always insisted on stuffing the content with keywords. They just cared for their keyword density. Quality, language usage, readability, etc. was a matter of least botheration for them. Thank God, giant search engines like Google have had smart people who soon ended the monopoly of SEO people and thrust content value in the first place. That time even the solo or professional bloggers had the same SEO-oriented mentality since they all wished to rank higher.

Well today the game is just opposite. Content person/writer is a king with virtues like originality, good usage, and no silly grammar mistakes. Today when I look back and think about my blogging career I feel relaxed and a valued man. Blogging has changed a lot since 2012. Let me draw some differences with the help of some interesting yet common points.

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SEO was Black:

Even, until 2014 SEO was a black hat SEO. Some crazy SEO people say that they had ranked websites on letters and punctuation marks. It was something incredible, also the height of corruption. As today search engines value good content, the vile practices of SEO have thankfully reduced, and as an upshot content marketing has taken the driver’s seat. SEO doesn’t matter – just write good informative content – and Google will decide where to rank your content and on what keywords.  

Social Media was in it Nascent Stage:

Social media is nowadays more popular than TV or radio or print media. It just takes a few hours to go any content viral. As of now more and more social sites are available within sight, like for twits, images, micro blogging, professional networking, and sites like Google+ and Facebook can rank your content any time, there reach is huge. Also, you can opt for paid campaigns like boost the post or the website. You can create page, communities, and groups; as there are ways to pull fans from around the world. Back in 2012 or 2010, social media was though present but hidden, it was more active only in developed countries. 

Ads were Limited:

Only Google Ad sense was the first and last option – many thought like that. Selling e-books, affiliate marketing, advertise with us, - these options were less. Today hundreds of Google Ad sense alternatives swarm the market. Just log in and the next moment you can find ads running on your blog. Also, text ads were not invented in those times. With time blogging is becoming smooth and friendly and a number of monetization options are getting explored like never before.

The world has begun moving with knowledge, so blogging with good content is a good sign for humanity and I hope it will end the capitalism and set the stage for socialism.