Is ‘How to’ an ever evolving blogging niche?

You agree that internet serves as a knowledge provider. Why do people come to internet? So that they can know what’s happening all around the world – what kind of people live in another part of world and how to reach up to them, etc. in the most basic sense to satiate their inquisitiveness. To know about others is also one of the basic human urges.

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Internet is all about knowledge economy. Where there is knowledge there is money. While typing queries online the most searched or typed keyword is ‘How to + main query’. For instance how to go to California from Bangkok, even they mean to find direct flights but the subtlety is hidden under ‘how to’. Thus, it gives a new sphere of knowledge and a tremendous opportunity for bloggers. As a blogger if you can master any niche with how to tag, you are done.

Why is ‘How to’ a desirable niche for blogging? Read on the possibilities.

How to Travel:

Travelling is a basic human urge and an ever-evolving curios topic. The two most searched keywords in India for last five years are E-commerce and travel. Whenever you search online about a place that you intent to visit as a traveller or digital nomad, thousands of website pop up and most of them are commercial marketplaces, there you can book tickets, buses, hotels and many more things but they never tell you exactly how to reach to that place from multiple travel points. So, here is the loop point for them and an opportunity for you as a blogger.

How to Shop:

E-commerce is unstoppable. So the fields related to it are product description, product reviews, how to buy, how to return, how to shop online, etc. People know online shopping exists but there are many other minor things to which they are unaware. This domain also promises a bright future for bloggers indulged into how to + e-commerce.

How to Make Money:

Today money is something that is inseparable from us. We all want to be rich not because we are greedy but we want to enjoy our lives by travelling across the world, buying premium luxury cars, etc. Nowadays there is a strong wave about making money online; people have begun believing that internet is something that can give them an easy access to money. So as a blogger we all want to make money and those who lay out ideas for making money online or some other ways receive tremendous traffic. There are many blogs which guide people or new bloggers on making money.

Well, the list of How to + subject is long. Some of the other recommendations are:
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I am sure the list can be extended for many ideas. It is all up to you. Let us know in the comment box.