7 Ways to Stick to Budget as a Digital Nomad

Once you are out on road for travelling, the chances of sticking to a decided budget begins fading away. A travel plan without a set budget is a matter of serious concern for digital nomads. It is a cardinal rule to save money who wish to lead digital nomad lifestyle. Well, with a positive mindset if you stick to the following points, saving a good amount of money while travelling will eventually become a habit of yours.

Prepare a Budget Chart:

Chart out a budget and stick to it. Do online research, read others reviews and travel experiences, or if need arise talk to restaurant and hotel people to know the exact details of tariff and other things. Categorize your budget as per accommodation, transport, local sightseeing, etc. Keep a record of this online as well offline. Carrying a notepad and pen is highly recommended as having access to laptop or tablet is not possible all time. 
Every time you spend, jot it down, and see how much you are saving or overspending. After a few days spending pattern you will be able to figure out what your average spending can be. 

Think about the Exchange Rate:

Exchange rate of currency is a major factor and affects the overall budget semblance. Before leaving for abroad check its exchange rate value and fluctuation history of at least seven days. If you are going to stay for longer time, it is advisable to exchange a good amount of money so that you aren’t running every week around the exchange counters. Stick to legal counters, beware of touts. 

Prepare Lists:

Prepare two lists of tourist attractions. First should be about ‘Must Visit’, and second should be for ‘Free to Visit’. The lists can overlap. First visit the free sites then decide on paid ones. With a tight budget covering all paid places or sites can be tough, hence figure out the best sites as per the popularity, also check others reviews and photographs. If the tickets to all paid sites seem reasonable, then try for all.  

Be Choosy about Extravagance:

At a popular tourist destination there can be many places where you will feel like to indulge in yourself. From sailing a yacht to paragliding or buffet dinner at a famous hotel, decide what suits best your budget. Going for an extravagance so often will dent the budget.

Don’t Overspend on Souvenirs:

Bringing home souvenirs from tourist destinations is a trend followed by many. It helps people to recall their experience. Buy more items but they should be inexpensive.

Discover the Local Market:

Discovering local markets not only freshens your mood but also brings a fairer idea about the place. You learn more about the place and can find out whether the market is open for bargaining. 

Utilise Public Transport:

Public transport is cheaper than hired cabs. In India people use shared cabs or jeeps to travel in the mountains. Public transport isn’t available 24x7. Thus choose flights and trains when the public transport is open – generally this time is from 5 am to 12 pm. For shorter distance, prefer walking, it is highly recommended for hilly places, and walking keeps you fit as well.