8 Myths that Challenge the Veracity of Digital Nomads

Only a myth can challenge the veracity of any reality. At times it is funny while other times it may sweep your heart with its engrossing relics. Things coming from the ancient times and the evolving trends in today’s digital era are encrusted with myths. And digital nomad lifestyle is no exception. A few years ago a healthy number of myths nudged the freelancing career and now the same is happening with the digital nomad category. Digital nomad is the extended form of travelling; however the adventures and carefree parties involve earning money too. It isn’t about the-never-ending vacation. Let’s study some of the top-ranking myths associated with digital nomads.

It is Always Gala-Gala: Vacation with No Return Tickets:
Normal people, who lead a normal lifestyle with 9-5 jobs, often think that digital nomad is not their cup of tea since digital nomads are always on vacation. It is a mystery for them to understand how digital nomads (for them eternal travellers) earn and sustain. They care least to find out the roots. In addition to that the locals of the destination where digital nomads stay and explore tourism take them as travellers from rich countries. Well, that’s not the case. Digital nomads are sorted out people and high on personal management. The only difference is that they want to tour the world while working – they do the things differently – 9-to-5 job fails to keep them happy.       

It is a Fleeting Lifestyle:
The concept of digital nomad is quite new as compared to work-from-home and freelancing. Even the most veteran ones must have covered a decade or so as digital nomads. It will be impossible to find someone who has spent whole life as a digital nomad, say 40 to 50 straight years, like army or navy career. This characteristic portrays that it is a temporary phase of life. People can’t be digital nomads for entire life. This concept is in nascent stage – a lot of trial and errors. Yes, in the times to come people will start believing that being digital nomad for entire life is possible.

They are Lucky People:
People associate travelling with either good luck or luxury lifestyle. If someone is always on travel, it doesn’t mean that the person is lucky, the other way it is a way of life for someone. Digital nomads aren’t born with silver spoons; in fact they earn this lifestyle and work hard to maintain it. In a sense they are lucky but it comes at the cost of loneliness, hard work, staying away from home and friends, etc. Things are not as easy as they look.

It is an Expensive Affair:
Of course travelling is not free of cost. One must have the heart to spend on accommodation, flight tickets, local transport, food and many more aspects. So much expenses make it look like that it isn’t for mediocre folks, only spoilt rich kids can afford it. Staying as a digital nomad in developed countries like Australia, England, Canada, etc. can rip off any wealthy man. It is not an ordinary proposition. Yeah…it is expensive if one keep visiting highly developed countries but most of the digital nomads prefer staying in developing countries like Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand – mostly Asia or South America or Africa.  

Only Tech Guys are Digital Nomads:
Once it was a popular zeitgeist that only tech guys are capable of remaining online and can work on laptops and desktops remotely. Hence someone travelling and working online for hours is considered as techy. Thus, tech people like software engineers or ethical hackers fill the most of the digital nomad seats. However that’s not the case, nowadays so called normal or creative folks are much into this lifestyle over tech ones. Bloggers account for the most numbers; all successful digital nomads run blogs to share their experience about this evolving trend.  

Working and Travelling is a Flop Idea:
To become a digital nomad means transcending all the common barriers. It is highly unconventional in its nature and when the things around people go unconventional they tend to reject its ideology. For conventional people, who believe in the rite of passage, digital nomad is a thing of mockery or time wastage, they may not believe it until it becomes successful like online shopping.  

It is not for Everyone:
Another strange myth that wraps digital nomads is that it is not meant for old or middle age. It is good for twenties – a sort of adventure trail - those who love to gather stories in their youth. Though most of the people involved into digital nomadism are young but it never alludes that it is not meant for all ages. Everyone loves travelling hence it is open for all. There are nomads who travel slowly along with kids and family members. It’s a lot fun.

Digital Nomad Anecdotes are Scam:
For many the concept of digital nomad is so new that tales of digital nomads sound unreal. It happens with every new invention but that’s OK. With passage of time it will spread its roots the way internet technology is doing across the world for a decade or so.