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5 Reasons that Stop People from Leading a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

It is true that traveling is a basic human urge. But the contrasting question is - is it made for everyone? Mostly full-time travel writers and digital nomads think that if they can leave their job, home, friends, and country to roam around the world, why can't the rest of the world? Well, it is motivational but ground realities differ from one person to another. The world is not same for everyone.
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We should never assume that people around us or whom we meet during our trips can take up traveling like a carefree young adult. Let's explore why traveling or digital nomad lifestyle is not made for all. Though people can try to be one - but the basic fact is that it takes a lot of planning, management, perseverance and hardworking to lead a life of a traveler that many people dream of while being at their homes.

Home Country Status

I being from India, my primary aim is to travel across my country before I set myself for abroad locations. India is a peaceful country and roaming from the top peaks of Himalayas to the beaches of Kanyakumari is quite feasible, in fact for all Indian digital nomads. However, same could not be possible for people living in extreme geographical conditions or war zones. I took up roaming in India because at the back of my mind I know how I can get out of any situation or in the case of emergency my friends and relatives can trace me out. Moreover while traveling in one’s own country keeps you away from passport and visa formalities.

Safety Issues

The worst part of traveling is being stuck for hours, or sometimes days. As nowadays politics influence the travelers' destination choices, imagine being stuck at an airport for inquiry or for visa clearance at the time when all of the sudden travel rules change on the pretext of immigration and safety. Governments make no escape or relief plan for the just-arrived tourists. It happens at many places, you must have seen some of the real-time stories featured in the movies. So reviving the point again: why is traveling not made for everyone? The prime reason is the safety or lack of confidence in the visiting country.


Next big reason is homesickness - people really find it tough to leave their hometown and stay away for the longer duration. When a person goes away the memories associated with the native place or where one lives longer tends to pull back. Feeling that gravitational pull is homesickness. You need to be brave, fast-moving for traveling and staying out of home for a long time. Other than memories, personal relationships, intimacy, and love towards friends and family can never allow them to go out.


On one side if traveling is fun, then, on the other hand, it creates a void of solitude in one's heart. Overcoming solitude while traveling is one of the toughest phases – you need to be very ambitious to trample it, a kind of lone-wolf personality.

Lazy Lifestyle

Comfort and privacy are another set of obstructions that prevent people from taking random traveling. The nearest synonym of luxury is a blend of comfort and privacy. When someone is finding luxury at his place, in his town, in a cafe near the office, then why would anyone, in the right sense, opt for digital nomad lifestyle? So, clearly, digital nomad lifestyle is for those who do, not for procrastinators.

From personal to political, there could be numerous reasons that people around us are not taking traveling as a way of life. Hence the lucky ones should enjoy their lives while traveling rather than assuming other people’s cases.     


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