My Blogging Story: Niche Dilemma

It will be a shocking reality check for many, especially newbie, bloggers that blogging career does take time. I have been blogging for over six years, and out of that time for around three years I was nothing but an aimless wanderer. I often envied successful bloggers and thought about starting a blog like theirs. The reason behind that stupidity was simple: I had no mentor nor was I a good researcher online. However, I didn’t give up blogging, though continued sailing in different boats in the same sea. Well, if you are a new blogger or even an established blogger, from my predicament you can make out that the early stage of blogging is the toughest one. If one survives this, then the way becomes ambitious.

I am writing this post to express my experience as a blogger and majorly I would cover my blunders so that new ones can learn how to avoid silly blogging mistakes.

While working for a digital marketing agency, I came to know that all senior SEO people in the firm have blogs and they make good money out of it. So, being a content writer, I thought of starting my own blog because I have had knack to lead ahead in blogging since I was a writer. However, no matter what you are, if you have no common sense then you land up wasting your time.

One of mine friends taught me how to start blogging on BlogSpot – the easiest platform for non-tech persons like me and I liked it because it is too simple to publish any readable content.

Next, I did search about relevant topics, even spoke to some persons about the choice of topics. No one came up with a solid answer. Clearly, I had no mentor there nor my father was a blogger. So, I searched queries like top ten bloggers in the world or India and so on. I found their growth story incredible and inspiring, as an upshot my imagination shot up and soon I began writing about travel. Traveling is a fancy thing but not an interesting blogging topic if you haven’t travelled much. I did research from Wikipedia or other websites and simply rephrased/rewrote about the places.

However, after making ten ordinary posts I realised that I am a fake blogger, in addition I wasn’t getting any good traffic. Life seemed too ordinary. Dejected, I deleted that blog.

This time I was working in a real-estate industry, the field was booming like never before across the world and superbly in India. I got fascinated by this field - I did read great stuff about the real-estate related terms and field. Soon, I bought a domain name from GoDaddy and began blogging about real estate topics for both markets: India and the rest of the world. One odd day I got 1200 pageviews. I kept blogging for six months - posted around 60 articles but something was gnawing me. I knew I was in a wrong or forced blogging niche. Then, one day I left it and thought of writing a variety of topics, that is the case of being greedy, and to accommodate my all content I started this blog: World Z Fake. I posted about hundreds of articles on it ranging from coffee habits to break-up tips to corporate ethics. But the pageviews remained limited. I knew my mistake: I was trying to be Jack of all trades but master of none. Again, dejectedly, I deleted all the content from this website. And in my spare time I give thought about digital nomadism and blogging tips. Having spent six years in blogging, this niche suited to my instincts.

Over three years I have been blogging about these niches on my blog and so far, crossed over 200 articles and still I feel like writing more and more every day. In a true sense, it is my niche because I enjoy writing about all this stuff without getting bored. In blogging the source of knowledge should never to be ceased thus to increase my knowledge about digital nomadism I have started travelling in the mountains and deserts to add my own experience, as well as joined various digital nomad groups on social sites. They keep sharing their experiences and from there I eke out my points for drafting posts.

There is more to share about blogging, and that I will share in some of my next posts. Did I forget to tell you that I had also, once, started fashion blogging but believe me it was one of the most boring writings I came across. Fashion blogging is tough – you need to have a lot of time and money and contacts to explore things that matter in the fashion cycle. Final point: either stick to your instincts or find out what can never bore you.    


  1. So very true advice! So many think they can quit their jobs and full time blog but it takes time and a lot of work to build. Thank you for this share!


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