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How Many Posts does it Take to See Success in Blogging

As a blogger, my primary goal has always been to play with the content. Evidently, I took six long years to learn the core values associated with blogging. Now I feel confident and in action. There is no shortcut for success – it is true – and I am going to take more time to bloom along with my success. I love being optimistic all the time.

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Coming to the point of this article, I often heard successful bloggers quoting or lecturing a lot of blogging tips to newbie bloggers. Among them all, the prominent one is to write quality content. Ironically, we all know that.

That is true, without content blogging does not exist. However, no one accurately tells how many blogs (in quantity) are required to set a blog in a comfortable position.

I tried to find a lot from awfully big bloggers, from India as well as from the rest of the world. People don’t want to share their success mantra: that’s the real fact. They would often say stick to one post a week. On an average it means, 4 or 5 posts per month. I never agreed with this.

On a yearly basis, so as a matter of fact, 12x4 = 48 articles. Thus, a new blogger is entitled to post only 48 to 60 blogs per year. And going by this speed one is destined to heap up pent-up frustration of having failed to anything substantial in the blogging sphere.

Well, I have been into blogging for over 6 years and did lot of experiment with different topics, domains and verticals. I did to believe myself, as I often don't trust others reviews and wisdom, that could mislead me.

Let me tell you the stats associated with the number of posts you publish:

Starting a Blog:
As a new blogger brimming with energy, we all publish our first post with great optimism and think that before posting the second post people over the internet should start talking about me. That is not possible on ground. That is being kiddish with your self-expectations.

Well the credible tip is to publish at least 10 articles at the time of starting a blog. Means, you should publish ten in a day. Then, leave it for a day or two and then start sharing your posts on social media.

The advantage is that when people see your blog, they would tend to explore more, if they run out of options then you are at loss. To start with keep ready 10 posts.

Weekend Blogging:
I work as a full time technical writer for an IT firm, thus Monday to Friday I am totally packed. I reach home late and find myself plunging into drowsiness after dinner. But before sleep I read on my mobile device the topics that I intend to write about.

Always do deep research about your topic so that you can write 4-5 posts from that topic easily. This way you will be writing over 5 posts on weekends even if you party a lot or go out for gatherings. In weekdays read so much that in the weekends you can be able to produce some posts from that topic.

This technique is called battle procedure. For example, I read and explore about digital nomads, a new topic, in this category I keep reading about the stuff like how to be digital nomad, their lifestyle, traveling tips, communities, countries favourable for digital nomads and so on.

Five articles per weekend means you are getting around 20 articles per month. That is nice enough to progress rapidly. The growth of the blog is directly proportional to the number of articles written and published.

Monthly Planner:
This option is for full-time bloggers who work whole day to make money from blogging. Blogging is all about spreading the knowledge if you are spreading it rapidly chances are that you are going to make money sooner than the lazy bloggers, who think more about quality but write less.

To succeed in monthly planner, one needs to have blogging obsession otherwise leave it. When I go jobless, I fit myself into this option.

First, I firmly decide to write one post every day. So, after deducting 8 days of weekend, I get 22 articles. So, when I write one post every day that is from Monday to Friday, I get 22 articles, next I club the weekend planning which gives me around 20 articles.

Thus, overall according to this planner, I get 22+20 = 42 articles in a month. That is beauty if you can maintain this routine for first six months.

I got my first blogging success when I posted 100 articles. Without any SEO or paid social media campaign I started getting around 500 views per day. When I published 200 articles, my search volume went to 40 percent. Now I have around 300 articles published for my book review blog and without any promotion I get 1500 views per day. When I take effort to promote them sometimes the count reaches up to 3000 views per day. Well, my next target is to publish 700 articles and after this I may feel that I have set a good pace for my blog.

And for your bad days, keep at least 20 articles in store. It works well when you travel or fall sick just in case. Use Google AdWords before inserting keywords, it works well too.


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