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Three Similarities between Travel Bloggers and Digital Nomads

I have been both for quite some time and concluded that digital nomads and travel bloggers are neither exactly same nor totally different. The thread that connects them separates them as well. For some part of the year I remain a travel blogger to cover stories for my travel blog and rest of the time, with a base, I work as a digital nomad for some of my clients and for my book review website.

I always felt that being a travel blogger is like mix of both: blogger and digital nomad. Let’s find out some similarities from their lives to support this assumption.

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They travel:

Of course without having traveled to places one can neither be a nomad nor a traveler. A travel blogger’s first priority is to explore the places that have been less heard and rarely covered online. For, this builds an outstanding credibility among travel communities and in the search engines and if you are lucky then a travel website/marketplace may hire you as a travel blogger for quite some time - that is as good as being a digital nomad because in that scenario your basic needs are covered by the company. However, this doesn’t shape up overnight. First you need to shell out some money and write really good content to people to believe you as a good settling explorer cum blogger.

The objective of a travel blogger is to explore to write. On the other hand, a digital nomad is someone who continues his/her work but keeps travelling from one place to another. Their aim is to roam about the world while earning money using their skills and internet. They may visit to some of the overrated and already-known digital nomad places like Chiang Mai and Thailand and in India it is Goa or Manali.

Their aims differ but both travel.

They bring back memento:

Bringing back something to remember later is an age-old tradition found among nomads and travelers. We call it memento now. Some brought expensive ones, while just managing nomads prefer to bring an inexpensive item or a piece of rock. From Tibet I brought a floating stone, later I reproached myself for not bringing any artifact or a small statue of Buddha. Well, I was thrifty on that trip.

They love pictures:

They love capturing pictures for building the catalogue of memories. For a travel blogger images are of great value, a description of a remote Himalayan village without images will not convince the people living in the urban settings.

While digital nomads take pictures and share them online to show what they are doing or where they are posted currently. This helps them in finding similar nomads on social media or their friends and families feel being in touch with them.

A travel blogger documents each and everything for building an immaculate travelogue, but still no one loves to delete pictures of the traveled places. Memories, travelogues and mementos are the nostalgia found common among all types of travel bloggers and digital nomads.

They meet people and discover things at their own:

Exploring the nature, local customs, people’s habits and way of life is an aspect that actuates both. Hence for this reason you will find that these (travel bloggers and digital nomads) love to explore things at their own because by instinct both are adventurous and nomadic in nature.

Duration may differ but not by many days. Their preparation and equipment and gadgets are similar. Both feel at times lonely and miss home. Both must work to sustain themselves. In addition, a travel blogger needs to cover the story before coming back to its base point lest it fades out of memory.


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